Types of Camera Lenses & Its Uses


The world of photography is always a wonder for all of us. We might have all come across photos that might have made us speechless over the internet or other articles. Most of them might be clicked by skilled and renowned photographers, while even the budding ones who are not known among people even inside the industry have also clicked a few of them.

Of course, photography is a skill that you should possess. The angles, the aesthetic sense of a scene should be clicked in a way which adds some extra beauty to the scene, are all part of the talent or set of skills that a photographer possesses. How do they acquire these skills? Are they born with them?


What should a person wish to be a photographer read? Anything you want to! But most importantly gain some theoretical knowledge on the cameras and lens that you might use as a photographer. You need to know how and when you use these lenses before getting to play with them on the field.

If you are such a photographer looking for a break or are interested in photography and wants to know more about the types of camera and lenses, then this article is for you. Keep reading to learn more about the types of lenses that are fundamentally important to a photographer.


We all know there are different kinds of cameras from a lot of other makers like Sony, Nikon but one thing that holds common for all different types of cameras is the lenses that they use.

Being a good photographer means that you know when to use the correct lens. Knowing the right time, the right place, and the right lens that will be able to capture the scene in the perfect way all ultimately leads to making you the best photographer.

So how do you choose the right lens and the right place and right time? There is no particular way to do this; however, the first thing you need to do is to know your lenses. If you know about each of the lenses in your possession, you will know when to use them too.

So let us jump right into knowing them! Primarily there are 6 or 7 types of camera lenses that are popularly used. Each of them has one unique function and use. Experimenting with them further, however, can help in putting new ideas into your head.


Kit lens

The kit lens is the type of lens that could be preferred for general photography purposes. Usually, when you buy your camera, you will be provided with an extra complimentary lens for free. Kit lenses are the ones that are given away as such. This is because they are inexpensive, and the focal length of kit lenses lies between 18-55 mm.

The lens is compact and hence lighter in weight when compared to others on the list. The quality of pictures is also pretty decent up to a particular focal length but are not satisfactory. As the camera manufacturer itself highlights by providing it as a free complimentary lens, the kit lenses are the best ones for photography beginners. 

Standard prime lens

A standard prime lens is otherwise called a fixed lens. That makes it pretty self-explanatory, I guess! These lenses are available only at a fixed focal length. So choosing one of these means that you will have to do a lot of running around to get the perfect shot.

These lenses can be used in any kind of casual photography provided you can get into a comfortable position to make the perfect shot. They are available at a wide range of focal lengths ranging from 24mm to 135 mm.

Zoom lens

Zoom lens just as the name suggests are lenses that allow you to adjust focal lengths so that you can zoom in and out of a scene standing in one place. In a way, they are completely the extreme opposite of the standard prime lens.

They are really helpful and can support all kinds of photography. Especially the ones where you need to vary your focal lengths, like wildlife photography. Another exciting feature it possesses is that it can adjust its focus in any range quickly. 

Normal lens

A normal lens is a lens that can shoot an image in the way your eyes see it. It can be used for taking photographs of real day incidents, like that you see in a newspaper. The focal length focus varies often, but the typical focal length is 50 mm.

It can only be used to click real-life photographs, clicking a landscape view of some beautiful place you are visiting seems impossible with it.

Telephoto lens

Using a telephoto lens means that you can zoom to a very far distance. This does not mean that they belong to the family of zoom lenses. They can zoom so far that they can be used for wildlife photography, space photography, and in photographing games like cricket or football! Imagine your camera being able to click the game from a very long distance giving you a super clear shot!

Wide-angle lens

Just as the name suggests, the wide-angle lens is a type of lens that provides a wider angle of view. Photographers use this kind of lenses to get a landscape image perfect. It provides you with a blurry background.

Another interestingly astonishing fact is that the lens is so lightweight that it can be carried around for trekking to capture the landscape and its beauty.

Fisheye lens

Again this kind of lens gets its name from the type of image it can produce. Just like the eye of a fish, the fisheye lens provides the widest angle view and thus can be used in abstract photography.

Not many of the photographers use a fisheye lens, but they are famous in the security department as security cameras because of the wide-angle view.

Macro lens

Have you ever seen images of insects or water droplets from a leaf or something dripping by focused so close and perfect? The macro lenses are the ones that are responsible for such images that are captured using a perfect macro photography camera.

They are known for its detailing and thus are used in such close range photography or jewel photography. Especially the cuts and luster of diamonds can be captured at its best quality.

Although they are limited to a few situations and can be expensive, the quality of the image makes it worth it.

Tilt-shift lens

You have ever seen shots that make you feel so huge? Architectural marvels like the Eiffel tower may seem too small in such pictures? These kinds of images are being shot on tilt-shift lenses. 

They are mainly used in architecture photography or fine art photography. These lenses offer tilt, shift, rise, and fall movements to its lens that allows you to capture such amazing shots. Also, they provide an excellent focus and contrast to the images.

Infrared lens

This is the unique kind of lens on the list! While the others play with perspective, this one plays with light. They use the concept of capturing infrared light that is impossible for the human eye to catch. They produce a unique visual effect.


So these are the significant types of camera lenses being used in photography as of now. If you are planning on building a career in photography, then you should be familiar with these lenses and their types.

I hope the articles help you in knowing the types and their function in brief. Happy photography!!


I'm Xavier. I am a professional writer and blogger. It all started when I fell in love with my camera, which was presented to me when I was ten as a birthday gift. Since then, I wanted to become a cinematographer and also succeeded in that. So I am here researching and reviewing the filmmaking gadgets and giving out my top gadgets from the market.I hope you find my review articles interesting and helpful.

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