Sony HXR-NX80 Review, Unboxing, User Manual


  • 1-inch Type 14.2 MP Exmor RS CMOS Sensor
  • Zeiss T Lens with 12X Optical, 24X Digital, and 18x Clear Image Zoom
  • 4K / 100 Mbps at up 30 fps and FHD at up to 120 fps
  • HD Super Fast and Super Slow video at up to 960 fps
  • XAVC-S (4K/HD) & AVCHD Recording
  • HD Live Streaming over 2.4 GHz WI-FI
  • Dual SD Card Slots with Relay & Simultaneous Recording Modes
  • Phase-Detection Autofocus (AF), S-Log, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), HDR,
  • Night Infrared shooting Modes

SONY HXR-NX80 Professional 4k camcorder - OVERVIEW

Sony has released the HXR-NX80 model for those people who want high 4K performance with professional features and functionality. The Sony HXR-NX80 is a near-identical twin model of the earlier models of their NXCAM series. It also films in 4K up to 120 fps, has a large format image sensor and some of the best connectivity, including dual media storage.

From hybrid automated focus to hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) function, the long list of features of this Sony NXCAM 4k camcorder attract many professionals. It is designed explicitly for on-set BTS shooting, filming weddings, corporate or live events.

Product review

Design & Features

  • Handling and Controls

One of the first things we should appreciate in this Sony HXR-NX80 camcorder is the easy handling process. This little camcorder body carries a minimal weight; but, it may turn into near 1.4 KG with the attached handle unit.

The detachable handle enables easy operation by including a microphone holder, XLR audio input unit, record button, etc. A LANC terminal is also there in the handle unit; that lets you control the focus, zoom, and recording options remotely using an external LANC controller.

The Sony NX80 camcorder does not have three individual dedicated rings for zoom, focus, and IRIS; but, it incorporates six user-definable function buttons and two manually controlled rings. The main lens ring lets you adjust the focus manually, and the tiny one can be defined with a manual parameter; you can choose between shutter speed, gain, or IRIS.

Undoubtedly, the handle unit will help you to have your hands on some of the best easy-accessible features of this camcorder, while it makes the shooting process super easy. So, this Sony NX80 is one of the best choices you can opt for while looking for a pro-level camcorder.

  • Display Screen and Viewfinder

Sony HXR-NX80 4k NXCAM has a larger 3.5” touch screen display; that lets you select focus points quickly just with a single touch. If you lock the focus on the targeted subject, the camcorder automatically tracks the subject and records its movement in detail.

The rotatable LCD screen lets you shoot comfortably from your resting position. The 2,360,000 dots 0.39” OLED viewfinder of the digital video camera delivers 100% view coverage and enables you to see that; what is going to be recorded, while the 1,560,000 dot resolution screen provides a color-rich natural and bright preview, even in the bright daylight.


The Zeiss T Lens indeed shows a high-performance as a medium-long zoom lens; it provides better contrast and superior image quality, while the anti-reflective coatings eliminate unwanted distortions or disturbance elements. The integrated ND filters give you excellent control over exposure and depth-of-field.

The camcorder has optical zoom of 12x and up to 24X digital magnification range; the 18X is for 4K videos, and the additional is ‘clear image zoom’ or used for HD videos. The camcorder provides from 29mm to 348mm wide-angle view; which, is an equivalent range of a 35 mm lens. That means you can easily take a close-up shot with an extensive background. This feature makes the NX80 a strong competitor in the list of top wedding camcorders.


The 1 type CMOS image sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor produces stunning 8-Bit 4:2:0 4K UHD resolution video with outstanding low light imagery. The advanced circuited architecture of the image processor improves resolution and clarity, where the larger pixel area of the large format sensor yields better sensitivity, sharpness, and a stunning signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Hybrid Autofocus

The autofocus function of the Sony HXR-NX80 Camcorder never disappoints you. We had tried and tested the lock-on autofocus function; surprisingly, it had recorded up to 2 days continuously, and we weren’t able to find a single out-of-focused frame from the video footage. With such an efficient autofocus function, taking footage of the blossoming flowers, sunrise, or sunset is super easy and more fun.

  • Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)

The NX80 delivers more than 90% of the final video when you shoot with HLG or Log mode. Both shooting modes produce images with better color contrast and higher dynamic range, which means the footage will require minimal color correction or color gradation in the post-production phase. The SLOG3 mode offers a minimum 1250 ISO range, while the HLG mode offers at least 250 ISO range. 

Image and video quality

  • Video Recording

The Sony HXR NX80 camcorder shoots 8-bit 4:2:0 4K / 100Mbps ultra HD videos at up to 30 fps, 8-bit 4:2:0 HD / 100mbps videos at up to 120 fps and 8-bit 4:2:0 HD / 50Mbps videos at up to 60 fps speed. It supports recording only in two video formats – XAVC S and AVCHD. 


The S & Q mode allows you to shoot HD quality video with variable frame rates, from 1 to 960 FPS. Though you can play your recorded slow-mo videos or quick motioned videos at your desired frame rate.


The Sony NXCAM camcorder enables you to live stream HD quality videos using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. It supports only RTMP and RTMPS streaming protocols and does not require any computer or streaming device; you can broadcast the recorded videos directly from the camcorder. 



Among two slots, the first one is compatible with SDHC and SDXC memory cards only; another supports SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, and Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo Mark 2 cards. 

Connectivity and Compatibility

  • Wired Connection and Accessory Mount 

The camcorder offers HDMI output facility and multi/micro USB port for video devices. There are also microphone inputs in the camcorder (3-Pins XLR line-level ports), a 3.5mm jack port for attaching external microphones or headphones.

It also has a multi-interface shoe that supports many external accessories like a microphone or flashlights and a dedicated ¼” - 20 female tripod mounting thread.


This camcorder supports Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) or NFC wireless connection for sharing FTP files or live streaming videos. The LANC terminal can be used to establish a wired or wireless LANC connection.

You can operate this camcorder remotely using the RM30BP remote controller; the camcorder also can be combined with the MCX500 live producer. With this SonyHXR camcorder, you would feel that broadcasting a sport or live event is super easy and more fun.

You can also check about the Sony HXR NX100 camcorder and the Sony HXR NX200 camcorder if you wish to get better features !!


The large-format 1” CMOS image sensor is the primary unique selling point of the SonyHXR NX80, which genuinely captures stunning 4K videos or images in low light. Professionals would like to add this camcorder to their camera collection due to the precise autofocus, higher dynamic range imaging performance, and upgraded connectivity options. The remote control function and wireless connectivity option come in handy which is very useful while shooting outdoors and broadcasting the videos in real-time.



Focal Length

9.3 to 111.6mm (35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 29 to 348mm)


Optical Zoom - 12X
Digital Zoom - 4K: 18X , HD: 24X

Maximum Aperture

f/2.8 to 4.5

Minimum Focus Distance

1 cm

Filter Size

62 mm

Control Rings

Focus, Zoom

Focus Control

Auto-focus | Manual Focus


Sensor Size


Sensor Type

Exmor RS CMOS sensor

Effective Resolution

14.2 Megapixel


Built-In ND Filter

Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64

Shutter Speed

1/6 to 1/10,000 sec


-3 to 33 dB

Minimum Illumination

3 Lux at 1/50 Shutter Speed

White Balance

2300 to 15,000K


Recording Formats


Video Resolution

4:2:0 XAVC:
QFHD (3840 x 2160) at 24/25/30 fps (100, 60 Mb/s)
HD (1920 x 1080) at 100/120 fps (100, 60 Mb/s)

4:2:0 AVCHD:
1920 x 1080p at 50/59.94 fps with up to 28 Mb/s rate
1440 x 1080P at 50/60 fps (5 Mb/s)


Screen Size



1,560,000 Dot

Display Type

Articulating LCD Touch Screen


Viewfinder Type


Screen Size


EVF Resolution

2,360,000 Dots


Wired Connection

A HDMI, Multi/Micro-USB, two 3-pin XLR Mic Level units with Phantom Power, a 3.5 mm port for Microphone / Headphone Jack and LANC Terminal

Wireless Interfaces

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)

Mounting Feature

Accessory Mount

Multi-Interface Shoe and 1/4"-20 Female Tripod Mounting Thread


Battery Model

Sony V-Series Lithium-ion battery packs




You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Sony HXR NX80. But, you can also view the user manual from the Company's official website. The user manual will have a complete guide on the different camera settings, firmware, and safety precautions you will need to follow while using this camcorder.

If you wish to check the official user manual of this Sony HXR NX80 camcorder, click here.


Extra Batteries

Keeping extra pairs of batteries is always preferable; especially, when you go for outdoor shooting or filming live events. The Sony HXR NX80 supports V-series batteries; so, it would be better if you carry a pair of high-capacity batteries like Sony NP-FV100A. 


As this entry-level professional 4K filming camcorder is not equipped with a decent optical image stabilization mechanism, it would be better to use a tripod during shooting or lice streaming videos. Choose a stable, sturdy, and 1/4” - 20 female mounting tripod; then, mount the camcorder on it to get the best stabilized shot just with a single take.


As you know, the Sony HXR-NX80 Camcorder delivers 90% ready-to-use videos, so you can carry a 3.5mm jacked headphone along with you to check the recorded audio quality as well; while planning to live telecast the videos. 


We recommend using a shotgun microphone to minimize the background and wind noise; while shooting an on-set behind the scene video or taking someone’s interview. Try to choose a microphone with a 3-pins XLR jack to get the best sound.


Compared to other Sony Pro camcorders, the HXR-NX80 has arrived with longer zoom, larger image sensors, and more varying features in a tinier package. It delivers better low-light performance and image quality with high dynamic imaging. So, if you want a perfect fit for the multi-camera live streaming setup, this palm-sized Sony camcorder deserves a look. 


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