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By the day, the lives of everyone are getting busier. Between pushing their limits and finding a balance in their work-life, people, are looking for short spans of dopamine hit that can give them some respite. Due to this, the popularity of short films is skyrocketing as more and more producers and media houses are taking a keen interest in them. So, what exactly are short films?

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A short film has a limited time duration which is small enough for considering it as a film. The Academy of Motion pictures and Arts defines it as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”.

Considering the growing popularity of short films, independent producers, who are just starting or have discovered this field of filmmaking, are also beginning to show interest in it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professed short filmmaker or a rookie. This post tries to explore short film ideas that you can use to up your short film game. So, let’s begin: -

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Media sensations

Nowadays, the media gives a first-hand report of various events and trending topics. This makes it a great source of taking inspiration and conceptualizing your thoughts around that.

The best part about taking inspiration from media publications is that people are already aware of the content that you are trying to make your videos on. This can give you an edge and can help you in getting early recognition for your work.

Real-life incidents

The biggest advantage of taking inspiration from real-life incidents is that everyone can easily relate to them. What makes real-life incidents a great source for making short films is that the thing that you are showcasing is universal, meaning that it happens with almost everybody.

This allows people to accept your content wholeheartedly and give you the head start that you need. The other thing is that not many thought processes and equipment are required for shooting videos based on real-life incidents.

This because as the content is related to your daily life, except the scripting, everything can be kept at a bare minimum.

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Story telling

Stories have always been an integral part of our life. Since childhood, stories are something that we have built our fantasies on. Stories not only have expanded our imaginations but have also become an integral part of our individualities.

This is why they are so close to our hearts. Now, your stories need not just be a piece of fiction, and you can also convey real-life stories and can explore various genres.

So, the sky is the limit when it comes to story-telling. But what distinguishes story-telling from its counterparts is that it generates better and easy understanding among people.

Abstract concepts

Many people like taking a break from reality and want something that can hit their fantasies by taking them away from their everyday chores. Making short films on abstract concepts can be a great way for luring people like this towards your content. This makes it a great way to convey concoction ideas and concepts.

When we talk about something abstract, your imagination is your only boundary. This means that from SCI-FI to Aliens, from four-legged freaks to mythological creatures, or from theories to practicality, your content can be anything. The only thing to consider here is that your audience has to be niche because this content cannot be targeted towards a large user base due to varying interests.


Concluding this post, we hope that you would have got the inspiration that you were looking for. What needs to be considered here is that short film ideas are an unfathomable pit, as the boundaries that there are set by your imagination. So let your creative mind roam around freely to conceptualize content that explores undiscovered realms that inspires and motivates people.


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