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Best Condenser Mic Under 200 [Budget Picks]

Condenser mics are ideal for podcasting, recording vocals, recording instruments or for voiceovers. If you are interested in any of these, you need to get an excellent-quality, best condenser mic under 200. However, there are hundreds of microphones available in the market, and choosing the one that is ideal for you can be a daunting task.To […]

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Best Mics For Camcorders To Record Clear Audio

If you have planned to start your filmmaking or video-making project, you’ll need the best mics for camcorders for recording audio.Of course, your DSLR’s have a built-in microphone. Those microphones are tiny devices, and, in most cases, it is similar to the microphones built into your phone. Never underestimate the small size of microphones, even […]

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Best Microphone For Live Vocals And Studio Recording

OVERVIEWIf your work involves audio-production, then your microphone system can be your greatest asset or your weakest link in the audio chain. During live performances, vocals and mics have a mutually impacting relationship. If you are looking for an ideal, best microphone for live vocals performances, then you are in the right page. Here, you […]

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How To Use Headphone Mic On PC (Setup Guide)

IntroductionIn this article, lets see in detail about how to use a headphone mic on PC. You must have spent a considerable amount of money on a great pair of headphone mic. They are a great tool, if  you work from home and need to block out your surroundings. They are also popular among gamers, which […]

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Best Headset Microphone For Recording Audio

OVERVIEWIf you’re thinking of starting your podcast or YouTube channel, you’ll need a best headset microphone for recording audio. And having a good quality headset microphone is a vital part of your set up.However, before you make such an investment, you must reflect upon certain features of these headsets. If you know your requirements well, […]

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Best Shotgun Mic | Record High-Quality Audio

OVERVIEWA shotgun microphone is typically a polar response microphone which is highly directional for achieving concentration of high beam on the sound source for recording the sound. The microphone must be aimed or pointed directly at its target source in order to effectively pick it up.These microphones are barrel-shaped and focus primarily on the sound […]

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