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Best 24-70 Lens – The Ultimate Guide

Photography is an art that we all love to do. Some do it for the profession while others do for passion. Whatever be your purpose of using Camera,  the 24-70 lens stands for the personification of photography. This 24-70 lens offers decent light gathering potential with an f2.8 aperture which gives you enough versatility to […]

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Types Of Framing In Film | Camera Shot Types

INTRODUCTION The myriad distinction between camera angles and shots in filmmaking acts as a pillar to create and enhance scenes. There major types of framing in film; it illustrates the true meaning of the scene and sends messages. It brews out the narrative, theme, correlation, relationships and the overall mood of the film.It’s the field […]

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Best Lens For DSLR Filmmaking | Detailed Review

OVERVIEWYouTubing and video marketing are increasingly becoming one of the best mediums to connect with your audience. Apart from having an excellent camera, you’ll need a best lens for DSLR filmmaking that will help you shoot the best quality videos. Here are some of the crucial points that you should keep in mind before you […]

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Best Canon Lens For Video Recording

OVERVIEWIf you own a Canon DSLR then it shows that you have already made a suitable choice of camera. But, for fine-tuning of any video and to get the best out of your camera you also need a good lens that can complement your video quality.There are many kinds of lenses such as prime, fisheye, […]

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