How To Wire A 4 Channel Amp To 6 Speakers

I have seen a lot of people I know complain about the power of sound that the speakers in their cars deliver. Are you one such person? Do you experience a similar problem? I would say it is pretty obvious.

Most of the car stereos do not offer high power output that can run speakers with high volume. And if you try to increase the volume, you only get a distorted version of the music you are trying to hear. If you are concerned about this and are looking for a solution, then you should get to know more about car amps and then learn how to wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers. 

Is it possible to wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers?

While a lot says of people on the internet that this is not possible, a lot of people tend to be fooled by these statements. It is possible to connect your 4 channel amp to 6 speakers! I hope that might have cheered you up!

However, you have to note the fact that, as much as it is possible, it is not desirable to do so. The connections might work pretty well for some time, but in the long run, it might diminish the bass of your audio system.

how to wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers

On the bright side, doing it right still works just as fine and we have a number of methods to do it just right.

How To Wire A 4 Channel Amp To 6 Speakers ?

So basically there are two primary connections that you could come up with to connect the 4 channel amp to 6 of your speakers. Anyways we still suggest you buy a 6 channel amp to connect 6 speakers, which is the advisable practice.


If you are keen on continuing the practice, then, we have two primary ways of connecting the 4 channel amp to 6 speakers:

  • Series connection.
  • Parallel connection.


Connecting in series means connecting the speakers in series to the amp. This way, you will be putting an 8-ohm load on the head unit. The connection might go like 4 speakers in 2 channels with each of them connected in series. And the other two speakers in the other two channels thus deploying all the six speakers in the 4 existing channels.

If you are looking for the safety of the stereo system in your car, then you should opt for this option. Although the sound and power would not be optimum.


Connecting in series is the way by which you can connect 2 speakers each in parallel connection to a channel. Thus you get 2 channels with 2 speakers each and the last two channels will have a speaker each.

This connection can be used for maximum optimization of the sound and power of the speaker. But the safety of devices is compromised here. You might experience problems if you are going to use it at full volume.

Advantages of 4 channel amplifier

So although there are a variety of options you can go for, the 4 channel amplifier will be the best option possible for a lot of reasons. Out of the reasons to choose the 4 channel amp over the others, some of the most important ones are:

  • The 4 channel amp can be used as a versatile audio component. This feature can be quite an advantage over the other amps.
  • The 4 channel amp can also be placed in a variety of places in the car. Some of the best spots that they are usually placed in are in the passenger footwell, below any of the seats, or in the trunk.
  • Also, the 4 channel amp does not stick to one single way of being connected through writes to provide the best output out of it. It can be connected in several ways to give the best outcome from the audio system of the car, which is beneficial.

However, a major issue or rather a doubt that most of the people who own a car face are whether or not a 4 channel amp can be used to power all the six speakers of their car. This is indeed an issue that needs to be addressed because connecting without a good knowledge can end up messing with both your amp and the audio system of your car, which by the way, we guess, is not what we want.


So this is exactly how you make connections for your 4 channel amp to power 6 speakers in your car at a time. You have the choice to choose between power and the safety of devices. Although the choice is yours using a 4 channel amp to connect 6 speakers at once is not appreciated. Anyways go for it, just because you can and enjoy music at its best while you hit the road! 

If you find this how to wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers article useful then share it with your friends who might need this information. Cheers!


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