How To Use Fog Machine | Step By Step Setup Guide


One of the most exciting devices that you can use at Halloweens or event, party decorations in your house is a fog machine. Buy a fog machine to create fancy atmosphere and it is always a worthy investment. If you are planning for a spooky night with friends and family and want to add a bit of extra drama through fog delusions, then this is something you should get.

how to use fog machine

What is a fog machine?

A fog machine is a machine that produces fog smokes in the air. To the human eye, it looks white. It resembles the fog that is mostly seen during rains causing poor visibility, especially in hilly regions.

The main idea of a fog machine is to create delusions and obscure what lies beyond it. The fog ejected through this machine is usually thick. This blocks the object that is closer or stands directly in its way. Such an effect helps when you want to create a spooky scene covering everything.

You can adjust your fog machine pumps, depending upon its wattage, and intensity. You can also buy scented fog sprays that not only eject smoke but also work as a room fresher every time there is fog.

Working of Fog machine

Fog machines majorly work on the principle conjunction of fog juice along with water or glycol. This mixture gets heated up to create that blinding white fog that you see in the air. Also, this fog is harmless and does not cause bad effects on the human body, provided you do not inhale it directly.

If you are working with a fog machine for the first time and do not know how to operate it, then here is a guide that will help you do so.

How To Use Fog Machine

  • Step 1: Filling the fog tank

Make sure you have all the components of operating a fog machine in place before you can use it. This will include the correct fog juice a cleaner, and if you want to operate it hands-free then a timer along with remote control.

Next, you will need to unscrew the lid of the fog tank, to fill the tank with fog juice. Make sure you only fill the tank half-way with the fog juice and not more than that. In case you fill the tank, you would face the consequences like, spilling's, wastage as you would not use the fluid completely, damage in your machine, will the make the internal parts of the machine unclean causing clogs.

After you have mindfully filled the tank, screw the cap of the tank back on the machine properly.

  • Step 2: Plug in the remote sensor

Before introducing your brand-new fog machine at parties or events, you would want to check it once. This will make sure that you do not mess up with the drama and the machine also works efficiently.

Testing a machine beforehand is always a good idea. This way you will also get a clear idea of what visual effects it creates with your home. It will additionally make sure that your machine is all warmed up and good to go.

In general fog machines need time before they can start producing fog. Plug all the power ports correctly along with the remote sensor, if you are using that into the machine.

  • Step 3: Power up and warm-up

Once you have tested the machine, and have got an idea of how much fog it produces, you would want to keep it in the desired location. Choose a location with a power supply port and the vibe the machine creates is what you desire.

Plug the machine well in advance and wait around for 5 min for the nozzle to warm up before ejection. You will notice that the remote sensor's light turns on. Let the machine warm-up so it works fine.

  • Step 4: Setup and operation

On the main day, set the timer or the remote in advance along with plugging of the machine in power ports. This way you will know exactly when the machine works. With the timer, any fog machine can be used from 0.5 to 10 seconds, and intervals last between 10 to 200 seconds.

At the stipulated time, your machine will eject the fog. In this way, your home is ready for a spooky party!

how to use fog machine

Tips to use the Fog machine

  • While using a fog machine, make sure you place it in an appropriate direction of location, where people don't stumble over. Make sure even when you are using it there is still space for enough visibility so people can walk.
  • Keep the machine isolated from everything. Never keep any inflammable material around it. Also, make sure that it is correctly connected with the ground. The location where you place it should also be easily accessible to you so you can keep a check over it time and again.
  • Make sure you keep the machine away from any smoke detector. Clean the juice tank from time to time and use only appropriate fog juice.


A fog machine is a fantastic investment, especially when you are hosting a poky scary night at your place. Apart from the usual decoration, this device can make that difference that makes the place look eerie and ghostly. Through this guide on how to use fog machine, I hope you have learned how to use it correctly, so  enjoy hosting the best party ever!


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