How To Stop Mic From Picking Up Background Noise


Background or the ambivert noise is something that you don't want to interfere within your recording sessions. While recording something, there is always some way the background noise is recorded in your recording sessions. So you need to know how to stop mic from picking up background noise to get the proper recording audio.

How To Stop Mic From Picking Up Background Noise

In case your microphone is picking up unwanted sounds, you can take steps to reduce historical past noises and static. Even as you may not remove ambient noise completely, you may reduce your lower back on interference. You can discern how to reduce history noise on mics by way of expertise what sort of microphone you're seeking out.

Whether you are operating from domestic and have steady problems with being understood, you're recording audio clips or songs or simply trying to have a crystal-clear communique. There are several steps you could take to make sure that you are heard in addition to possible. These vary from physical to electrical to software or equipment.

The types of sounds cause interruption

  • Impulse noises, including pops, that are typically high frequency but do not last long,
  • Broadband noises, where noise has a lot of frequency overriding and there are a lot of technical issues taking place, Narrowband noises, which are attributed to the steady rhythmic notes and proper chords. 
  • Electrical noises, typically happen when there is a technological disruption that happens and can cause noise.
  • Irregular noises, which range from speaking to traffic to large sounds such as rumbling thunder and rain.

How to reduce noise while recording in pc?

  • If you are connected with your laptop or even your PC, you can manually adjust the level of the noise on your set and make sure that the level of background noise that is picked up is lessened. 
  • Depends on your operating system, how you can challenge the use of the laptop or the PC noise with the interconnected systems' help. 
  • If you have a Windows system, you can go off to the Hardware panel and right from there. You can choose the devices and then the sound option.
  • Right from the properties section, you will have a boost of tab and from there, you can check out for the levels. The level is the option and from where you can adjust the recording levels of your microphone accordingly.
  • Once you have adjusted to the acoustic levels which are there, right from there, you can choose the balance of the mic and correct the levels of your mic accordingly, which can help you plan out the rest.
How To Stop Mic From Picking Up Background Noise

There are greater factors that go into reducing noise on a general microphone. These range from simply outside noises that can be blocked by using a final door or a window to the electric interference from chords.

To lessen ambient sounds while you're using a fashionable microphone, do a short sweep of your region. Turn off any fans, televisions, radios, or audio output systems that may be picked up via your microphone.

How To Stop Mic From Picking Up Background Noise

Use noise reduction accessories

It is important and really helpful if you can use accessories which can reduce the background noise. This way, you can listen to the audio and clearly understand how the sound is sounding like. You can shop for online tools as well.


Audacity is a free online tool that can reduce all the background noise you don't want to hear. This amazing sound editing software will help you reduce all the unwanted noise you want and eventually help you listen to every sound with a proper understanding of the note.

Ensure audio jack connection to reduce the noise

In case you are using a headset or headphones microphone, you could take several steps to reduce any background noise. Check to make certain that your headphones are completely plugged into their port. If the headphone jack is uncovered, you could enjoy huge amounts of ambient sound.

Using headphones as a microphone does now not suggest that the headphones can now be plugged into the audio jack. Ensure that your headphones are plugged into the headphone jack rather than the audio jack.


Well, that's a wrap now. I hope this guide on how to stop mic from picking up background noise helps in reducing or cutting off the awful background noise.  Feel free to comment your view about this article in the comment section. Cheers!


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