How To Reset Drone | Guide To Recover Crashed Drones


Drones provide a unique photographic perspective and offer new methods to capture moments. The craze behind buying drones is due to the smooth video footage it provides as it comes with high-performance gimbals. Also, you have to know the standard type of drones and it features before choosing an ideal drone for your camera else it cost you much. Drones were previously thought to be operated only by professionals. But they have now become easier to use by anyone. They can be used in various scenarios like weddings, promotional events etc.

However, it is common for drones to hit a wall or ceiling hard, get smacked to a tree, undergo crashes or wrecks, which makes drones face balancing and other functional problems. In this post I'm going to explain how to reset a drone if it got damaged or if you want to erase the data stored in the drones.

Note: Use 4K drones to shoot High-Definition videos from most critical angle and altitude.

HOW TO RESET DRONE & types of resets available

Factory Reset of Drone
how to reset drone
  • Factory reset requires a computer, be it Mac OS or Windows, along with the assistant programs of those drones. 
  • The factory reset procedure helps the users to reset the drone to the settings it had when you bought it. 
  • This kind of reset is done when the user wants to sell their drone and remove all their data present in the drone’s memory. 
  • Drones can face some software issues as well and sometimes need re-calibration. Here, resetting the drone might be the only option.
Drone Wi-Fi Reset
how to reset drone
  • For this procedure, all you need is the drone.
  • It allows the users to reset the Wi-Fi information back to the defaults. 
  • All the features can be used to communicate with the drone from your mobile remotely. 
  • Since you simply reset the Wi-Fi information, no data is lost. 
  • In most cases, you simply need to place the drone on a flat surface and start over. 
  • While it might work most of the time, at other times, the drone might not level properly. A motor might not spin up, or some other problem may arise. That is when you need to try some alternative solutions.

issues after Resetting the drone

Doing a Flat Trim and Calibration
  • Each drone can be Flat Trimmed before every flight. Even if it doesn’t crash, the flight application of each drone can be calibrated before taking off.
  • After allowing the drone to hover, the user can click the calibrate button again.
  • This allows the drone to spin, turn, or lean at any angles.
  • The above steps allow the drone’s sensors and gyroscopes to reset.
Doing a Flat Trim and Calibration
If one or more motors won’t start or spin up
  • This is a rare situation, but it can happen to a drone after a crash.
  • Now, if motors only spin up partially, it can lead to a nasty backflip. Or it will only get to about a foot or two in the air.
  • Sometimes the reset button will function, and the drone will proceed to normal functioning.
  • If it doesn’t, then check the motor gears for damages or dirt binding the motor up.
If there is a sudden flipping of the drone even when all the motors are working
sudden flipping
  • First, check on the motor gears for any dirt binding it up.
  • Also, make sure that there is no wobble present in the propeller shaft by spinning the propellers a few times by hand and unplugging the battery.
If the drone seems to be a bit noisier and more unstable than before
  • You can easily recognize if a drone is wobbling as it won’t be able to hover steadily. 
  • As the drone keeps crashing, the propeller drive shafts can be easily bent and it can damage the propellers. 
  • An easy inspection by the user can be just done by spinning the propellers by hand. Or, hold it up to eye level to check if it is unbalanced.
  • Inspect each propeller for cracks or damages, and if these cracks are found, do not fly with them. It needs to be reset first for a safe and agile flying experience.
  • Even if you sure about no damage to the propellers, bring it up to eye level for inspection.
  • If you find an off-balance bent driveshaft, get the hardware changed before flying the drone.
If there are constant video alerts
If there are Constant Video Alerts
  • If there are any video alert messages after the drone crashes, it will require a complete reset.
  • Check all the connections and wires and make sure all the internal machinery is still intact.
  • While the bottom is off, do a short “test flight” indoors. If all the alerts are gone, then you can reassemble the drone.


What we have presented here is just a general procedure that you can follow to reset your drone in any situation. However, an even better option would be to read the instruction manual carefully from start to end. The manual might also have some instructions regarding resetting the drone, which can be more effective. I hope that you find this article "how to reset drone" useful and interesting. Cheers!


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