How To Make Your Headphone Louder In Easy Ways


Headphones are the best because it helps you to plug in to leave the world. Without headphones, one cannot do workout at the gym. So while you are choosing the right kind of headphones to listen to, you need to know for a fact that how you can make your headphones louder in the best way possible and this article will let you the here and there.

how to make your headphone louder

It is not possible to always use the external speakers. Turning on full-volume music in the evening and at night is particularly problematic. So plug in your headphones so that you can sleep peacefully listen to your favorite artists in peace.

When connected to a sound source, the headphones make it possible to listen to music or radio individually so that no one else can hear anything. But what if you connected the headphones to a computer or laptop and the volume is low, what would you do? To get out of this situation you need to know how to make your headphone louder, consider all options that may affect your headphones' playback volume.

steps To Make Your Headphone Louder

Sound enhancement system

Take advantage of the settings of mobile gadgets. To do this,

  • Go to the "Settings" of the device, 
  • Find the subsection "Sounds and Notifications",
  • Select the "Sound Enhancement" option & activate the "Sound Enhancement System" in the headphones. 

If the option is absent, check if the volume slider for music and media files holds the maximum space. If necessary, move it, achieving a comfortable level accordingly.

Check for drivers

Check if the latest drivers are installed. A driver is a program that controls hardware operation;  To operate any chip or drive in a computer, a driver is required.

how to make your headphone louder

Modern operating systems Windows have thousands of drivers for different types of devices, but they are not complete. Drivers that contain Windows are only intended for the device's basic functionality; broadly speaking, they need to work at least in some way for the device identified by the system. The complete work requires official drivers from the manufacturer of the latest version.

Increase the volume of headphones due to equalizer

I consider this method to be the most barbaric, as it introduces severe distortion in the reproduction sound until overloading the driver and the presence of cracking and noise. But in some cases, it can help increase the overall sound volume in headphones. But I do not recommend using it for prolonged use, and you will always hear a severely distorted sound, which is not correct.

how to make your headphone louder

Check if the music listening program has a built-in equalizer. Enter the appropriate option and set all sliders from the middle position to the maximum. If there is no equalizer, you can use a third-party player, which allows you to increase the program's volume. It can be downloaded or played on similar sites with the Android Google domain.

Creative Software

Apart from this, you can also take the help of some software. For this, you have to check which sound card you have. You can download any diagnostics software. After downloading the software, you can increase the sound of the system.

Headphone Amplifier

If you find that your headphones are very quiet and not ready to buy expensive professional headphones, then a special defense will come in the external device, making the headphones loud. You can buy a simple, inexpensive headphone amplifier.

Check the connection type of your headphones. If your headphone is connected with a mini-jack, you will also need to purchase an adapter or maybe it is already connected to your headphones, you should check their bundle.

Connect your headphones to it after turning the knob to zero. Increase the volume on the amplifier until you reach your desired level. Take extreme care while connecting to regular computers and laptops whose sound cards are not equipped for powerful amplifier headphones. I do not recommend connecting headphones with resistance above 32 ohms.

Amplifier and DAC

DAC is a digital to analog converter. They are inside all digital portal devices that play audio out to headphones. Using a combined amplifier and DAC not only improves the volume but also gives better-quality to it.


They use very good components when compared with a phone. As the Amp and DAC are connected to the phone by USP, it takes over all the audio processing and therefore gives you a very nice improvement on sound quality and volume.


Remember that even inexpensive but good headsets can provide a good listening level using these methods, and makes you inaccessible to expensive model gadgets. Now you know how to make your headphone louder; just convert your cheap headphone into the best audio piece.


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