How To Make Wired Speakers Wireless

Have you ever been jealous of looking at your friend playing all the songs he wants without getting up from his sofa? Or him taking his favorite speaker everywhere he goes? I bet many of you might have been! It is either that you cannot afford a wireless speaker or you cannot get rid of your wired speaker for some reason! What if I say you don't have to get rid of it and still you can control it from a distance. However, you cannot take it around just like that.

how to make wired speakers wireless

Wouldn't you be interested if I tell you there are few ways by which you can make your wired speakers work like they are a wireless speaker? I will be lying if I say I won't be excited. So how do you do this?

Although how to do this is what fascinates me, some people might also think that why should destroy the sense of nostalgia from these devices and make them wireless. Isn't it going to ruin the reason why you are retaining it for? If you understand their point, then you can see that they have got the point too! Don't you?

How To Make Wired Speakers Wireless

There are a number of ways for you to do it, keep reading go know each one of the methods to change your wired speaker into a wireless one.

The Bluetooth way

Connect them using Bluetooth! What could be a more obvious way to think of it! And doing it is change then you can imagine.

All you have to do is connect your existing wired speakers to a Bluetooth adapter which has an inbuilt amplifier too. Since these wired speakers do not have an amplifier in them these adapters are going to be quite helpful.

With this Bluetooth adapter connected to your wired speaker when you try to connect your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth, you will be in turn connected to your wired speaker via Bluetooth.

Using Amazon echo dot

This can actually confuse you a bit. That is because you already know that the Amazon echo dot is itself a voice-controlled speaker that enables Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon.

But interestingly it has an audio jack at the back that allows you to connect to bigger speakers. You can use this audio jack(which is a 3.5mm audio jack) to connect your wired speakers with Amazon echo dot. And then you can stream your songs via Bluetooth and Wi Fi from your android phones or iPhones. That's not it! There is more to it!

Now that you are connected via Amazon echo dot, which you can control using your voice ( the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa) this means that you can, in turn, control your wired speakers too using your voice.


Google Chromecast audio

We are pretty sure that you might not be familiar with this device from Google. It is a device that enables the Chromecast feature of Google but in voice. That is how we can define the device.


The design of the device resembles the icon of Google chrome and enables you to connect the device to any bigger speaker. Thus allowing the speaker, you connect to enable the Chromecast audio feature. And once the speaker is connected and configured with the Chromecast audio device, you can Chromecast any audio from your Smartphones.

A wireless audio system

There are wireless audio systems available in the market that can enable you to connect bigger speakers, thus making them wireless. By doing this, you are again going to eliminate all the annoying long cables and wires of your wired speaker.

However, the cables won't be completely eliminated, the length and number of cables reduce considerably. Also, you get to connect and control your speakers using Bluetooth from your Android device.

advantages of wireless speakers

First of all, let us get this straight. We are not going to be cutting wires, nor are we going to meddle with the internal electrical of the wired speakers. So you don't have to worry about losing your speaker or the nostalgia that surrounds it. Now that making them wireless doesn't feel like an issue, it is healthy to know why to do this.

how to make wired speakers wireless
  • Making your wired speaker, wireless is better for several reasons but the major reason that is that you can now control, play, or stop the speaker using your smart phone.
  • Avoid using all those clumsy wires when you connect the speaker to a system. You know how irritating it can get when these wires tangle around.

Just for these reasons, you can just go ahead and make the change you have always wanted without having to cut any wires loose.


Thus you have 4 approved ways to solve your problem and you can now make wired speakers wireless. Although there are a lot of other feasible solutions like the Bluetooth dongle, the ones listed above are the best one out of all the other solutions.

Just get any one of these devices that you might think us best suited both in terms of money and the working needs. And then enjoy music on your wired speakers, just like they are wireless speakers!! Isn't it cool?


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