How To Get Podcast Sponsors | Ways To Find Them

Have you ever heard about a podcast? It was not until recent times that people become aware of podcasts. Podcasts are just like these YouTube videos in a way, except that they don't have a video along with the voice. So in simple words, a podcast is entertainment using voice as a medium.


People came to know about these only by online music streaming platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, and other such apps that people have begun to use recently.

Just imagine you talk about things that interest you in some way, you find a suitable audience who can relate to your podcast show and share a similar interest with you. And the best part is that you make this your source of income!! That's amazing. Isn't it?

Although monetizing a podcast seems amazing, it is not done as easily as it is said. So how do you do it? How does the whole monetizing your podcasts thing work? Aren't you excited to know about it? Keep reading to know how to get podcast sponsors.

How to monetize your podcasts?

People tend to take up a lot of ways to monetize their podcasts. Out of them, the most majorly practiced ones are: to air an advertisement in your podcasts at regular intervals or to find a sponsor who will be ready to fund and run your podcast or to bean artist on any online music streaming platform like Spotify and make your podcasts only for them who in turn will pay for it accordingly.


Out of these tried and succeeded ways finding a sponsor is a better way to get your podcast up and running, this is the best way especially if you do not have even a little investment money to invest in starting your podcast.

So how do we do it? Do we just find random people who are capable of funding your podcast and then ask them to do it? Obviously not, I guess. What is the exact procedure to do it?

How to find potential sponsors?

So why do you think a sponsor would come forward to sponsor your podcasts? They are obviously looking for you to advertise them through your podcasts! But how do we pitch your concept and make the sponsors fund your podcasts successfully?

Knowing your sponsors

Choosing sponsors can be a difficult job. But just keep in mind this one simple thing: stick to your niche! Stick to finding sponsors who are un some way related to your niche so that your advertisements seem natural and not forced into the content of your podcast.

Care for another tip? Always find a smaller business! Because the larger ones are already famous and won't be needing the help of a beginner podcast. However, if you have access to an opportunity to try for an established brand just give it a shot! Maybe that might become your game changer.

How to contact your sponsor?

Now that you have a sponsor or are at least sure whom you are going to be proposing to be your sponsor. Collect all the necessary details about the company you are going to proposing and also the details on what your podcast going to be! And always approaching the most professional way even though you might have unofficial access to the company you are proposing.


How could you possibly think of anything else other than a presentation to make your proposal look professional? So the presentation it is!!

While making a presentation, always make sure to make it look good clean and to the point. Making attractive is not your goal. Your goal is to convey how much of a professionally organized person you are, using the aesthetics of your presentation.

So what information should your presentation contain? Make your presentation highlighting the following points so that you precisely convey your intentions:

  • First of all, Title.
  • Then an introduction about your podcast theme and yourself.
  • Next, briefly elaborate your show and your content.
  • Include the useful stats of your podcasts viewers. If you are a beginner, go for a target audience.
  • After that, Pricing and ideas for the product.
  • Contact us slide for them to contact you.


Now that you have made the presentation, you should be sending your presentation to the sponsors via mail. You are using mail because by far, that's how professional information is shared. Write an email that catches their eye and also explains who you are and what are your intentions.

Also, attach your presentation along with it! Make sure you would select yourself after reading your email and the presentation. If you don't get selected don't worry; go for the next sponsor, it does not happen so easily.

Follow up

Sometimes even after you know what needs to be done, there are high chances that your mail goes unseen or even lands in your sponsor's spam folder. So how do you get out of this zone? The answer is simple by sending a follow-up email.

Send one with a proper context. You do not want to seem clingy. This part of your sponsorship request is supposed to be a subtle reminder and make sure it is so.


Now if you are done with all the above steps, you might get a sponsor already or this one might have been a potential sponsor who was just not interested in you. Keep trying until you get better and find one.

Until then try making drafts for your podcasts and maybe try mailing them to the sponsors. You will succeed after several tries and get the best possible sponsor for your podcast. Now go make money out of your podcast as you continue to entertain people!

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