How To Find A Lost Drone [Simple Trick Explained]


If you're a drone pilot, you'll agree that losing your drone can be one of the worst experiences. Read further to learn 'how to find a lost drone.'

how to find a lost drone

There are several reasons as to why drones can get lost: -

  • Loss in connection: This is the most common reason for losing a drone and can happen in the worst of places – over a water body, near a dense forest, mountaintop, etc.
  • Hardware or software malfunction: Though this is not a regular phenomenon, it can happen occasionally and can cause flyaways.
  • Running out of battery: This is a scenario that may be avoided. You should keep an eye on your battery throughout the flight. Ensure that it is fully charged before take-off.

Note: Buy a drone with return to home feature to ensure that you never lose your drone due to a low battery. It will return home before the battery runs out.

  • Flying in poor conditions: This is another easily avoidable situation. Factors like wind and rain can throw the drone off-course, especially at higher elevations (where conditions can change quickly).

steps to FIND a lost drone

If you lose your drone, these are the steps that you can take to recover it:

1. Find out if the drone is still airborne:

First, you need to establish if the drone is still in the air or not. Sight and sound are beneficial here since many drones are loud and can be heard from a distance. 

If you can hear the drone, then it is still in the air. In this case, you can quickly try to reset your drone to reconnection and get it back before it stops flying and gets lost.

2. Keep your remote connected:

Be sure to keep your remote turned on and connected to the drone at all times. Even if your drone is about to run out of battery, the remote can track where it was last seen. It also ensures that the propellers are still turning and the drone remains airborne.

how to find a lost drone

3. Head to the drone’s last known location:

Some drones are equipped with GPS technology that can help you find the drone's last known location. If your drone is not equipped with GPS, it is highly recommended that you invest in a GPS tracker. This will help you find your drone quickly.

4. Seek help from friends:

If you know other people or friends who own drones, you ask them to do a flyover with their drones to narrow down the search and make things easier.

5. Keep note of areas searched:

Ensure that your search is methodical. You can print a map of the area you’re searching for and check off the spots that have already been searched. Also, make sure that you search everywhere, not just give a casual glance around. This includes tree tops, gutters, roofs, bushes, shrubs, commercial property, etc.

6. Check the flight logs:

If you check the flight logs, you will see a map of exactly where your drone was flying. You can pinpoint precisely where it was when it got lost.

how to find a lost drone


Losing your drone can be tedious and upsetting. However, you can prevent something like this from happening again. Invest in a GPS tracker, take plenty of footage periodically if the drone has a camera, and fly in open and well-lit areas. These precautions can minimize the impacts of a loss.

I hope that you have found the answer on how to find a lost drone. If you have tried anything new to recover your lost drone, then comment them below.


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