How To Connect Action Camera To PC Quickly


If you are a pro photographer, or simply like photography as a hobby, then you’ll have an excellent quality action camera. You’ll also know that it is essential to understand how to connect action camera to PC.

You need to have several tricks up your sleeves to capture perfect moments. One of perk of these tricks is to have the best slow motion action camera in your hands at the time of shooting. But, a camera is generally only useful for capturing the desired picture or video. This is because the camera memory can be filled pretty quickly. Also, editing tasks are better done on a PC.


Being able to connect your action camera to your PC can be beneficial in multiple ways:

Storage capacity: The storage capacity of many action cameras is reliant on using a microSD card. However, it can never even compare to a PC in terms of memory capacity,  since you can easily find PCs having 1TB storage. Whereas, an action camera with a microSD card can have around 32 GB storage. 

Storage clouds: You can store your videos and photos on storage clouds. Not only does it free up memory on your PC, but it also allows others to view or download your images by giving them links to the files.

Editing pictures and videos: Transferring your data to your PC allows you to edit your photos and videos.

Sharing pictures and videos: You can also upload and share your work on various platforms through your PC.


There are two ways in which you can connect your action camera to your PC. One is a wired connection; the second is a wireless connection.

1) Wired connection

The micro-USB cable is the most widely-used connector for action camera. It has the standard USB connector on one end that is plugged into a USB socket on your PC. The other end has a micro-USB plug which is connected to the camera’s Micro-B socket.

Another lesser-used, wired option is HDMI, which is available on higher specification cameras. In this case, the camera is not strictly connected to your PC. Instead, it is connected directly to your PC’s monitor if it has an HDMI input. This allows you to display photos and play videos on its screen.


2) Wireless connection

Wireless connection is also of two kinds

A) Via Bluetooth

Most of the cameras nowadays come with a built-in Bluetooth connection. To connect your camera to the PC, but both the devices in the ‘search’ mode. They will find each other’s signals. You will be asked to click to confirm that you want your camera and PC to pair.

Once the devices have been paired, you can easily transfer files between the two devices. That means you can download photos and videos from the camera and save them to your PC’s hard drive.

B) Via Wi-Fi

Along with Bluetooth, most of the modern action cameras are also Wi-Fi enabled. This can be used to connect to your PC, assuming it has a Wi-Fi adapter. With the camera’s Wi-Fi switched on, you need to go to your PC’s networking menu and select the option to ‘Create a new connection or network’.

Once this is done, select the ‘manually connect’ option. Enter the camera’s Wi-Fi SSID and password to allow the PC to connect to it. Once they are connected, you will be able to send files from your camera to the PC via this wireless network. 


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