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How To Reset Drone | Guide To Recover Crashed Drones

INTRODUCTION Drones provide a unique photographic perspective and offer new methods to capture moments. The craze behind buying drones is due to the smooth video footage it provides as it comes with high-performance gimbals. Also, you have to know the standard type of drones and it features before choosing an ideal drone for your camera else […]

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How To Use A Camera Stabilizer [Detailed Guide]

INTRODUCTION Have you ever tried shooting a video with a sizable camera in your hand? If yes, then you’ll know how shaky or ‘bumpy’ the shot can be and the resulting footage will not be very attractive. Here’s where camera stabilizers come in handy for a perfect shot. First all you need to know is […]

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How Does A Gimbal Work In A Camera Stabilizer?

INTRODUCTION If you’re a videographer or a cinematographer or are aspiring to be one, you’ve probably used a gimbal before. If you haven’t just get a DSLR Steadicam for your camera, because a gimbal is a pivoted support that can rotate along at least one axis and they are handy while filming a moving shots. […]

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How To Connect Action Camera To PC Quickly

IntroductionIf you are a pro photographer, or simply like photography as a hobby, then you’ll have an excellent quality action camera. You’ll also know that it is essential to understand how to connect action camera to PC.You need to have several tricks up your sleeves to capture perfect moments. One of perk of these tricks […]

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Video Editing

IntroductionVideo editing is the process of manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is widely classified; almost of the video editing types are majorly used in films, television shows, video advertisements, video essays, YouTube videos etc. It is one of the essential jobs in the film industry, and the quality of video editing can […]

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How To Use Headphone Mic On PC (Setup Guide)

In this article, lets see in detail about how to use a headphone mic on PC. You must have spent a considerable amount of money on a great pair of headphone mic. They are a great tool, if  you work from home and need to block out your surroundings. They are also popular among gamers, which […]

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