How To Connect A Subwoofer To Speaker Level Outputs


Have you ever purchased a complete home theatre setup? If yes, you might be familiar with the components of a home theatre system, right? It usually consists of a few speakers that could be wall-mounted or placed anywhere and a subwoofer. Although most of the home theaters ignore the subwoofer system, it is a very important part that gives life to your home theatre system.

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The subwoofer usually looks like a box that has a slight resemblance to the speaker. However, they are also available in magnetic components that can be stuck on magnetic surfaces after being connected electrically. The function of a subwoofer is a lot different from that of a speaker.

While the speakers are used to produce audio output, these subwoofers are designed to produce a low pitched audio frequency, what we call bass.

Although you are able to choose a subwoofer that is perfect for the acoustics and the dimensions of your room, there might be an issue in connecting the subwoofer you bought to speaker level outputs.

If you learn to do this is, you will be able to optimize your audio experience. So how to connect a subwoofer to speaker level outputs? Keep reading to know more about it.

how to connect a subwoofer to speaker level outputs ?


This is a much-needed thing because not all the home theatre equipment can directly be connected to the subwoofer. Most of the home theatre systems and subwoofers have crossover connections so that the buyers are benefitted from it. So connecting it to a speaker output can be usually done in a few ways namely,

  • Connecting using an LFE subwoofer output. 
  • Connecting using a speaker level output, also called the stereo RCA.

If you are familiar with a subwoofer, you might know that the subwoofer requires two inputs to provide the desired output. It needs power, obviously, to power the subwoofer system and a signal to get connected. For power, you need to connect your subwoofer to a current source.

However, you need to ensure that the subwoofer is safe, so it is advised to connect it to a power protection device and then connect the power protection device to the current source. Thus offering complete efficiency to the power input.

Now coming back to the signal input, out of the two ways mentioned above, to connect the subwoofer to a speaker output the LFE Method is predominantly used.

Connecting using an LFE subwoofer output

As mentioned above, this is a method that is the most predominantly used among people who own a home theatre system or a subwoofer. This is because the process is the easiest and simplest way of connecting a subwoofer to the speaker outputs.


This kind of connection is compatible with all kinds of receivers and amplifiers, which makes it widely acceptable. All you need is a subwoofer cable, and it will be connected to the receiver onto a port that would be named "subwoofer." Connect the subwoofer output of the receiver to the low-frequency level input on the subwoofer and your job here is done!!

Isn't it simple as it is supposed to be?

Connect A Subwoofer To a Speaker Level Outputs

Although the earlier mentioned way of connecting the subwoofer is predominantly used, some of the subwoofers and speakers do not come with an LFE port. Thus we can connect a subwoofer using stereo RCA ports.


You will see a left and right stereo RCA connector on your standard speaker. All you need to do is to plug in the RCA cable to either the right or the left side of the port on the speaker. However, if you have a split end at the cable, then you need to plug them into both the right and left RCA port each. 

Then you have to hook the other end of the cables into the speaker output of the receiver. If you observe, you can find that this is the same as connecting a basic stereo speaker. And now you can enjoy the bass output of your subwoofer at its best.

But sometimes instead of the cable, you might have spring clips. You can hook them all up using a speaker wire and thus making the subwoofer connected to a receiver just like a basic stereo speaker.


So that's how you make your connections to the subwoofer using speaker outputs to optimize the bass on your subwoofer. Now that you know the trick to connect your subwoofer this way, enjoy the best out of it!!


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