How To Connect Canon Camera To My Computer Wirelessly


Canon is one of the leading brands for digital cameras for beginners and professionals that offers a range of models. These cameras support media storage on memory cards as well as transfer to other devices via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Many people searched for how to connect my canon camera to my computer wirelessly, So I created this guide to teach them how.

However, when these memory cards are full, you’ll want to transfer those photos to another device, preferably your computer. There are two methods in which you can connect your computer to your Canon camera – via a wireless connection or via a USB cable.

A wireless connection is ideally achieved using Wi-Fi. Most of the Canon cameras come with an in-built Wi-Fi connection. However, if your camera doesn’t have one, you can purchase a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card.

Also, check that your camera is compatible with your PC, i.e., whether a Wi-Fi connection can be established between them. For this, you’ll need to check which Operating Systems the camera is compatible with.

To Connect My Canon Camera To My Computer Wirelessly

If you’re going for a wireless transfer and are having some troubles, I have discussed how you can go about connecting your camera to your computer: -


Wireless connection via Wi-Fi

Some of the Canon camera models come with Wi-Fi connection. If your camera doesn’t have an in-built Wi-Fi receiver, you can purchase a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card.

If you’re trying to establish a Wi-Fi connection between your camera and your computer for the first time, you will be prompted for driver installation of the camera at first. Before you opt for this step, make sure to check whether your Canon camera is suitable for connecting to Wi-Fi or not. 

To Connect My Canon Camera To My Computer Wirelessly

Once you have installed the drivers, follow these steps: -

1) Battery
  • Make sure the camera has enough battery to cope up with the whole process.
2) EOS Utility App
  • Download the EOS utility app on your PC, which can be downloaded from the Canon website.
  • It will help you establish a secure line between your camera and your PC efficiently.
3) Enable Wi-Fi on your camera
  • Click the menu button on your camera. It will show a list of all the features available on your camera.
  • From the list of the menu items, select Wireless communication settings and enable Wi-Fi.
  • It will have another option of Wi-Fi Function that lists all the optional devices you can connect the camera to.
  • From this list, choose the laptop icon.
  • From this option, another window will open. This window will specify how you want to connect the camera to the PC.
  • Either it can be with the help of a pin, or it can be by pressing the direct WPS entry. You can choose either option.
  • In the case you select the Pin option, it will show the name of the camera along with a password on the screen.
4) Enable Wi-Fi on your PC
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi option on your PC.
  • Select the name of the device that is to be connected.
  • Next, enter the password which was shown on the camera screen (If you selected the Pin option).
  • Click connect. This will ensure a connection between the camera and the PC.
5) Go back to your camera
  • You will get an option on the camera screen about pairing the devices that are connected with your camera and PC.
  • Click OK.
  • This will ensure a smooth and stable connection between the camera and the PC.
6) Open the App
  • Now open the EOS app from your PC, and you can enjoy all the features that come along.

Once the connection is complete, you can quickly transfer the photos to your PC. Using the EOS Utility app makes the process simpler and provides some useful features. For example, you can transfer an entire folder from the camera to the PC in one go. Or, you can select individual photos from a folder and transfer only those to your PC.

You can even control remote capture from your computer. You can click photos and videos with the help of Live View, which allows real-time composition and precision focus setting.


This is all about how to connect my Canon camera to my computer wirelessly. I hope that you were able to learn to connect your camera to your PC wirelessly. Thanks for scrolling through 🙂


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