Camera Lens And Equipment Storage Ideas


Do you often face problems like lens fungus, camera lenses getting scratched, or your camera itself getting damaged? Well, that's because you're probably not using specialized storage units for your camera and other photographic accessories; but only keeping them in random boxes.

Camera lenses, filters, and other camera components are the things that desperately need proper care and should be stored in a safe area. Before investing further in new lenses or other expensive camera gear, learn how to care for your equipment. 

Camera Lens And Equipment Storage Idea

This article will give you a list of products you can try for camera equipment storage. Even if you are looking for camera equipment storage ideas (DIY ideas) to organize your photographic equipment properly, this article will help you. So, ready to begin?

Portable Camera Equipment Storage IDEAS

Every photographer wants a stylish, customizable, functional, and durable option that is comfortable to carry and provides enough protection for their camera equipment.

While there are so many options to organize and carry out your camera set up– sling bags, backpacks, wraps, hard-cases, and much more camera bag options, it’s not easy to find out which one will be the best fit for your camera equipment.

But, don’t worry! Just scroll down to get a quick overview of each category of portable camera equipment storage solution.

Shoulder Bags

If you are a gear minimalist and want something simple and small, shoulder bags can fit with your choice. Most importantly, while you need to flick around a city or travel on busy public transport, a shoulder bag will probably be the best for you.

Most sling bags are waterproof and come with several pockets to carry a lens, charger, external flash, and camera body. Moreover, you can carry an extra lens instead of a flash. Some also include a few small side pockets for batteries, memory cards, and other small things.

Mostly, the shoulder bag comes with an adjustable strap and padded protection that makes it very convenient for crowded places. There is no doubt; a shoulder bag can be a perfect carrying bag for beginners and those ready to go on a photography walk with some of their gear.


Camera Backpack

However, keeping a large bag in your closet is very important! Once in a while, you may have to go on a professional shoot with all your equipment. That’s why you need to keep a quick-and-easy multipurpose storage solution, a camera backpack.

If you are planning to carry your accessories for long-distance also want to ease the possible strain, a camera backpack could be a much better choice than others. 

The advantage of using a camera backpack is you can carry a lot of gear with relative comfort. Another helpful advantage is, you can keep your camera backpack around with you while shooting. These camera backpacks are very comfortable to carry for a long time and give you ample back support.


Most of the backpack comes in a functional and stylish look with multiple compartments for storage, including additional pockets for handy items. It also includes a few customizable padded dividers for quick organization and protection.

Thus, you can organize your bag according to your preference and grab the equipment you need at a glance. Additionally, an innovatively designed backpack with zippered enclosures can give you extra protection for storage.

So, vloggers, wedding photographers, and professional wildlife photographers don't miss out on these options given below.

Camera Wraps

Do you have any non-camera bags or backpacks in your closet? Then, you don’t need to buy an extra bag to store your camera set. You can just wrap up your camera body, lenses, filters, and other photographic equipment with protective wraps and place them into your old non-camera bags or backpacks.

Camera wraps are available in various shapes and sizes in the market. From a small lens to a pro DSLR camera body, it can accommodate everything related to your camera in it. But there’s one thing, wraps can’t give you all the protection that a thick padded camera bag can provide.

Keep in mind that wraps are only for closet storage or gentle handling.


Hard Cases

While planning for a long-distance trip, nothing will protect such delicate equipment like camera lenses, filters, and much more in a better way than a watertight hard case.

A hard case offers superior impact protection for your camera accessories and keeps them safe from rough handling and in hostile environments. Hard-Cases are available in many sizes, from the size of a shoebox to a large luggage box. If you are a travel or wildlife photographer, grab any of these hard-cases to protect your gear excessively and get ready for a thrilling rugged outing.

You can carry tripods, lights, and other bulkier equipment too with you due to its size. Usually, the large-sized cases come with extension handles and wheels for easy carrying. 


How to Store Camera and Lenses at Home

When it comes to storing the camera, lenses, filters, and other delicate photography equipment case at our home, it needs extra care. Otherwise, the quality of these professional sets will diminish over time. But, before we move on, you need to understand what factors cause damage to your photography gears.

From my use of cameras and lenses, I found blunt force and humidity to be the main two things that can probably create the biggest danger for your camera bodies and lenses.

Are you wondering what blunt force and stuff mean? Well, I'll tell you. However, before getting into that, do you have any issues like your camera lens getting scratched? Well don't worry; you can quickly fix it provided you follow the right methods.

Now, getting back to our topic, read the content below:


There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see your expensive camera set getting cracked or smashed from a simple drop. But, already you know its solution! Right? Whether you are at your home or in shooting, always hold your camera with a neck or wrist strap, camera holsters, etc.

Neck-straps will keep your camera accessible; you don't need to hold it in your hands every time, and also, you could avoid chances of dropping delicate camera-related products by using neck-straps.

But make you're using a durable protective camera bag to carry the camera set while you're on the go.

  • Ease the Humidity Problems

Extreme temperature and moisture levels in the air can seriously damage your sensitive camera lenses and other photo gear.

The extreme humidity level can fog up your camera lenses, make your sensors sticky, fungus or mold can develop on your lenses and electric short circuit can also happen in the worst-case scenarios.

That’s why always store your cameras, lenses, and other equipment in air-tight containers and dry storage space. Moreover, once you organize your photographic equipment into a safe storage space, you should not leave them alone until the next shoot.

Inspect and clean the storage space and containers on a regular basis. This way, you can maintain the high quality of an expensive professional camera set for a long-time. 


Slow autofocus, hazy front element, sticky aperture ring, or damaged camera housing can drop the image quality by half or more. Moreover, if your lenses lose their decent shape, you can’t even resell them. So, you should handle this delicate item carefully and keep them in the dry and safest place of your home.

Use Dry Cabinets

If you own lots of camera lenses and equipment and live in a damp place, dry cabinets are perfect for you. It is a wonderful camera gear storage unit because it protects your expensive photographic accessories from rust, corrosion, mold, and aging.

Most of the photography storage cabinets come with digital controls, humidity settings with LED indicators, and an inside LED lighting system: so, you can store the appropriate humidity inside of it. Moreover, some advanced dry cabinets incorporate locking doors with a fingerprint scanner for extra security.

The glass door cabinet looks cool and more convenient than the metal door, as you can see through the door. Plus, you need not wander around the cabinets to look for something.

The adjustable shelves also serve the best for DSLR storage. Not only cameras, but you can also organize camera gear like lenses, monopods, gimbal according to your preference.

Below, I have mentioned some budget-friendly options you can try. The number of lens racks in each dry cabinet differs. Do them, check them out, and select one based on your needs.

But do you think only purchasing a dry cabinet will sort out the issue? Well, there is something more! You need to place your camera products and related gears the right way in a dry cabinet only then purchasing a dry cabinet will make value.

Below, I will discuss some tips you need to follow for carefully storing cameras and lenses in a dry cabinet. However, If you're already aware of them, you can directly move to the DIY ideas section.

HOW TO Store Camera Equipment in a Cabinet

We have already discussed some easy and safe options for carrying and organizing the camera equipment. But, there are still some things that you can do to protect your camera equipment. Let’s dive into these best practices to keep your lenses in decent shape.

  • how to store camera lenses With their Front Elements Facing Down

Keeping your lenses in this position will minimize the oil oozing problems in the aperture blades. Though the modern autofocus lenses use less oil, try to store lenses in this way while not attached with any camera. Because; it’s better to take preventive steps in advance than regret in the latter.

  • Close Aperture Rings at the smallest f-stop setting

When your camera is in the F-stop setting, try to keep close the aperture rings to reduce tension on the springs before you turn the camera off. If there is no option for manual aperture adjustments in your lenses, just close up their aperture before storing it.

It keeps the quality of lenses the same as the new ones and enhances its longevity. 

Wish to learn more? Let’s talk about some easy, efficient, and out-of-the-box storage ideas with a live demo video. If you are on the hunt for some good home storage solutions, read the next part carefully and watch the video before investing in new home storage cabinets for your camera set up!


When it comes to a lens organization system for home, there are plenty of storage options. Here, I’m going to share a short video where you will find three different innovative DIY home storage solutions for your cameras, lenses, and other photographic equipment.

Do you have any unused wine racks, or lazy susans, or a sliding pantry storage rack that is taking space in your home? If yes; then, you can convert these non-camera storage units into a safe storage option for your camera lenses now. Not all lenses will fit into these creative lens organizers, but you don’t have any problem storing smaller lenses and flash units.

Plus, if you like to show off your camera collection, then we know that the wine rack hacks have already won your heart. Similarly, each idea can serve different purposes. Try to build these beautiful camera storage cabinets using these efficient storage ideas, and let us know what suits your tastes and works best for your accessories.


Photography equipment storage is one of the biggest challenges for every photographer. As they always want to organize their equipment properly so that everything would be in its place! Plus, your partner or roommates can be annoyed, if you don’t keep your place clean and organized. If there are curious kids, you need to be more sorted! Otherwise, they may reach these delicate things and can damage them mistakenly.

Now that you know how to keep them safe and organized! So, start to organize your camera and other camera stuff from right now so that everything will be in its place! And let us know how our camera storage solutions work for you!


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