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How To Use A Camera Stabilizer [Detailed Guide]

INTRODUCTION Have you ever tried shooting a video with a sizable camera in your hand? If yes, then you’ll know how shaky or ‘bumpy’ the shot can be and the resulting footage will not be very attractive. Here’s where camera stabilizers come in handy for a perfect shot. First all you need to know is […]

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How Does A Gimbal Work In A Camera Stabilizer?

INTRODUCTION If you’re a videographer or a cinematographer or are aspiring to be one, you’ve probably used a gimbal before. If you haven’t just get a DSLR Steadicam for your camera, because a gimbal is a pivoted support that can rotate along at least one axis and they are handy while filming a moving shots. […]

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Best 4K Drone Under 500 | Mid-range Quadcopters

While drones may seem like toys, a high-quality drone can be a serious and incredibly useful investment. They can provide a unique view of the world and add value to your films, videos, or travel vlogs. Stabilized remote heads goes on with many different types of moving platforms: drones, cranes, cable rigs, helicopters, vehicles, etc.There […]

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Best Tripod Under 100 For Photography & Filmmaking

OVERVIEWWhenever we think about professional or even recreational photography and filmmaking, we always want to get the best possible type of Camera at the most reasonable prices without compromising with the quality. For Filming and Vlogging, camera is not alone enough, you need certain basic equipment to shoot the videos.  A tripod is one such […]

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