Best Tripod Under 100 For Photography & Filmmaking


Whenever we think about professional or even recreational photography and filmmaking, we always want to get the best possible type of Camera at the most reasonable prices without compromising with the quality. For Filming and Vlogging, camera is not alone enough, you need certain basic equipment to shoot the videos.  

A tripod is one such useful equipment that is widely used for photography and filmmaking. It helps to provide stability against various forces and shocks that often affects your shots. But Different camera needs different Steadicam. For instance if you have a DSLR, then you need a professional DSLR steadicams. You need to select the steadicam based on the Camera model you possess. 

In recent times tripods are useful and help to prevent camera movement and are used to get the required images. Tripods are helpful when there is a necessity of slow-speed exposures to be filmed. 



best tripod under 100

As the name insists this tripod is light in weight. The Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand can help any user to capture professional-style and vivid photographs. This best tripod under 100 is height adjustable, it provides a reliable and stable mount for the camera and easily achieves the right angle while taking a shot.

It is a useful accessory that can be used by both amateur and professional photographers. It is handy and takes in a variety of digital, video and still cameras along with user-friendly features. Due to its excellent features, this Amazon basics Lightweight Camera mount took the first position in the list of best tripod under 100.


  • Adjustable height.
  • Lightweight as it is made of aluminium (weighs marginally just over a pound).
  • Portrait or Landscape options are allowed (due to the presence of a 3-way head).
  • Swivel and tilt motion options available.
  • Transitions between shots are ensured by a Quick-release plate present in this tripod.
  • There are never-lock legs in 3-sections, and these ensure easy height adjustments.
  • The tripod stand measures around 16.5 inches when it is collapsed.
  • Maximum length of 50 inches (when extended fully).
  • Can sustain lighter devices; hence it is not recommended for use with high-end DSLR cameras that are heavy.


  • Innovative design and has an aesthetic look to it.
  • Good functioning, along with smoothly working screws and movements.
  • Sufficient Height.
  • Excellent stability in different conditions.
  • Easy to carry due to weightlessness.
  • Handles Handycam and smartphones effortlessly.


  • Not useful in the outdoor.
  • A separate mobile phone holder is needed.


best tripod under 100

The model number AX620B100 is regarded as one of the best-selling tripods of Dolica. It includes numerous features of top tier brands at a minimal price.

This model is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography. Due to its lightweight of 2.9 pounds, it is easy to carry and it makes it perfect for photography and recording in several days today events like camping, family gatherings, sports activities and much more.

Even after being so lightweight, it is a sturdy tripod. It can hold up to 13.2 pounds weight easily, which gives you the flexibility to use different types of equipment that have different shapes and weights, and this also helps the photographers to use Point & Shoot cameras, various Camcorders, and a variety of DSLRs.

The Dolica AX620B100 tripod has a Ball Head that provides easy access to your camera due to quick release plate, and it also has a bubble level ideal for preventing uneven shots.

This is a perfect choice for modern photography as it has various features that are quite modern and have multiple features that make it unique. Most importantly it is one of the best tripods under 100 you can find.


  • This is a 62-inch Proline tripod made up of aluminium.
  • It can support weight up to 13.2 lbs.
  • It features a ball head that helps in making a bubble level, and a quick-release plate helps in videography.
  • Non-Slip rubber feet helps to release these leg locks quickly.
  • Foam cell comfort grips.
  • Weight hook.
  • Legs lock.
  • Reversible locking center column.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • The package includes a carrying case and a tool kit.


  • It has a perfect height of 62 inches for getting amazing pictures at eye-level.
  • Macro and low shots can be taken by angling the legs.
  • Can be folded into a compact size for ease of travel.
  • Soft padded grips are present.
  • Smooth removable ball head.
  • Stable tripod.


  • Can tip over easily.
  • The locking mechanism cannot be engaged without moving the camera.


best tripod under 100

Joining the list of best tripod under 100 for the second time, the Lightweight Mini Tripod can effortlessly position a small camera or a webcam on users desk which supports video streaming of business calls, product demos, family chatting, video blogging, or Podcasting.

These mini tripods can accommodate webcams, digital cameras, GoPro devices, and other imaging devices, as well as smartphone adapters.


  • It features metal legs and rubber feet along with adjustable-height.
  • Compatible with a smaller range of digital cameras, GoPro devices and works well for any webcam.
  • Can endure up to a max load weight of 1.1 lbs for best performance.
  • It is small and lightweight- makes it ideal for travel.
  • This tripod has a Mini ball head which is required for 90-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation.


  • Lightweight Mini Tripod is durable.
  • It is lightweight and is small but sturdy.
  • Can be adjusted to any position quickly.


  • Height is too short.
  • Some parts can be a little loose.


best tripod under 100

Neewer Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera 2-in-1 Tripod Max is a lightweight Tripod. This tripod can be converted from a tripod to a monopod easily by just loosening the knob and by pulling out the centre column so that it can be easily used as a monopod. 

This best tripod under 100 consists of 4-section adjustable legs and it weighs only around 4 pounds to 5 pounds that makes it lightweight and durable.

Tripod package also contains a storage bag useful for outdoor photographers to carry and transport tripod and its components to various locations.


  • 3-Way Swivel Pan Head with Quick Release Plate: 360-degree panning; Allows you to take photos at any angle with horizontally and vertically; Accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated.
  • The tripod is made of environmental non-slip rubber and aluminium alloy tube. This makes rotatable plastic feet static and better adjusted to the floor.
  • Anti-Rotation System with the Twist Lock Legs gives way for more convenient handling of legs.
  • The Multi-function hook allows the users to put up additional weight and this thereby increases stability.
  • Convenient shooting adjustment and smooth operation improve telescopic adjustment handling.
  • This Tripod Monopod Panoramic Rotation Camera has been used as a portable travel stand for various cameras and DSLRs.


  • It has an optimum height of 70 inches for more natural photography.
  • Lightweight Tripod and Monopod.
  • Carrying Bag.
  • 3-way Swivel Head.


  • Panning feature is a little rough.
  • Tilt motion is not smooth.


best tripod under 100

Looking for a sturdy and best tripod under 100 with a unique design? Then you can check out GorillaPod from JOBY. This helps you capture superior perspectives with its flexible legs that manoeuvre 360 degrees. It has a quick-release clip that allows for fast transitions between shots for better images and easier shooting. 

The lock ring ensures your camera is safely attached. It is made of medical-grade ABS plastic, stainless steel and German TPE. It is made for withstanding the damage and tear of everyday life.

It also features rubberized foot grips that allow it to be stable on any kind of terrain. It can support up to 7x its weight and the flexible legs allow you to store and carry it with you anywhere easily.

You can wrap the octopus legs around trees, poles or any other structure that you can imagine. It is ultra-stable with three supportive legs and TPE joints, so you'll never get a shaky shot.


  • Flexible legs that manoeuvre 360 degrees.
  • Strong and portable.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Three supportive legs and TPE joints.
  • 1/4" -20 standard tripod mount.
  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 5.91 inches.
  • Weight: 45 g.


  • Flexible and it  can wrap around anything.
  • Holds cell phones and light cameras without a problem.
  • Quick-release system.


  • Can tip over easily.
  • Autofocus system is confusing.


best tripod under 100

The Manfrotto Compact tripod is ultra-lightweight, portable, and effortless to use. It is an indispensable tripod for any circumstance. It comes with an advanced 3-way head and features an innovative, foldable three-way head for great stability and accuracy in framing your subject.

It is ideal for advanced photo enthusiasts who own an entry-level DSLR with standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. It features two independent levers, one lever controls both the pan and the tilt movement simultaneously, whereas the second one controls the levelling.

These best tripod under 100 help you obtain level, well-framed images and regulate all movements independently. The head is specifically designed to minimize the dimensions and maximize its portability.

A unique mechanism enables the levers to be folded when the head is not being used, making it easier and more convenient to carry. The three-way head combined with reinforced, five-section tubes makes this tripod an optimal solution for rigidity.

It can reach a maximum height of 165cm (65 inches) when fully extended.


  • Quick-release.
  • Foldable 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head.
  • Supports up to 6.6 lbs.
  • Maximum height of 165 cm or 65 inches when extended.
  • Front tilt -30 degree/ +90 Degree.
  • Panoramic rotation 360 Degree.


  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy build- thick-walled aluminium tubing.
  • Simple to use.


  • Does not come with any other special features.
  • The height is little short- you may have to bend little if you are tall.


best tripod under 100

Next up in the list of best tripod under 100 is the compact action aluminium 5 – section tripod kit which is ultra-light, portable and compact. It will support your standard zoom lens and entry-level DSLR so you can take your photography to new heights. It is flexible and optimized for CSC and DSLR cameras.

You can rely on its four-legged structure for sharp and detailed images every time. The joystick head with a scroll-wheel locking mechanism has an intuitive and easy-to-use design. The comfortable grip enables you to capture smooth videos and great images with little effort.

The circular quick - release plate is ideal for simple camera attachment by hand without any need for coins or screwdrivers. Also, the regulating dial along with the round quick release plate enables you to precisely adjust every camera to the tripod enhancing its stability.

The photo-movie selector allows maximum freedom in all cases. The stand is compatible with any device up to 1.5kg/3.3lbs such as DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact System and Bridges Cameras.


  • High-quality aluminium design.
  • Front tilt -30 Degree / +90 Degree.
  • Head tilt lateral tilt -90 Degree / +90 Degree.
  • Safety payload 3.31 lbs.
  • Ideal for entry-level DSLRs with standard lenses.
  • Switch from photo mode to movie mode instantly.
  • The quick-release plate supports a variety of devices.
  • Includes a special adapter for higher-specification cameras.


  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Simple design and easy to use.


  • Height is little short.
  • May not be stable at full extension.



This highly versatile camera from UBeesize works easily with DSLR/Compact Cameras, SLR, Mirrorless Camera, Camcorders, all GoPro Hero 5/4/3+/3/ Session, iPhones and Android Smartphones.

It comes with highly flexible legs that can wrap around anything- lampposts, fence posts, tree limbs, chairs, doorknobs, etc., providing you with superior perspectives. It has a lightweight and sturdy design, which makes it easy to carry around in your backpack, purse or handbag.

The legs are made of premium steel with a high-density TPE and rubber coating for excellent durability. The waterproof feature improves the outdoor experience, allowing you to set it in water too.

The package includes a Flexible Mini Tripod, a phone grip mount, a GoPro Adapter, a Smartphone Remote Shutter and an orientation adapter.


  • Ultra-sturdy and waterproof.
  • Portable- Weighing a mere 8 ounce and maximum length of 12- inches.
  • Comes with a universal phone holder, extending up to 3.54 - inch wide.
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote pairs with your mobile via Bluetooth.
  • Dimensions:285 x 52 x 52 mm.
  • Weight: 227g.


  • Legs are very flexible, yet supportive and durable.
  • Compatible with smartphones, SLR, GoPro.


  • The plastic ball head is a weak link.



The VT-300 Video tripod from Magnus with the fluid head is a light and portable tripod system for shooting stable photos and videos with DSLRs, small camcorders, and any other cameras up to 15 lbs.

It comes with a built-in fluid effect video head that pans a full 360 – degrees tilts up and down and offers independent pan and tilt locks for fixed-position shots. The quick-release plate has ¼ - inch camera mounting screw, a registration pin, and an anti-skid mounting surface.

The maximum height of the tripod when the centre-column raised is 64.3 inches. Its legs extend at two leg stages when the flip-locks are released. The legs have replaceable rubber feet that offer excellent grip on hard and slippery surfaces.

An internal bubble level helps you set the tripod evenly on uneven ground. A carrying case with a shoulder strap is included and will allow you to conveniently carry the tripod over your shoulder while you're travelling about.


  • Supports DSLRs and camcorders.
  • Built-In Pan/Tilt Video Head.
  • Flip-Lock Leg Locks.
  • Quick-Release Camera Plate Included.
  • The legs of the tripod extend at two leg stages at the release of flip-locks.
  • ¼ - inch camera mounting screw.


  • Solid and sturdy build.
  • Smooth panning motion.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • The fluid from the fluid head can leak.
  • The quick-release head is sometimes hard to set in place.



How can I end my list of best tripod under 100 without mentioning the Bonfoto 671A which is made of an aluminium alloy? It features 4-section legs that make it stable. It can be folded to 15.4-inches, making it compact for carrying around. The maximum load capacity is 8 kgs, so you can easily add heavy lenses to your camera.

The triangle platform with a compass is excellent for outdoor use. It has accurate scales at the panning base for precise shooting. It also features a removable ball head with universal 3/8 - inch screw thread along with a quick-release plate.

The two-position leg angle adjustment system provides a safe and sturdy shooting position. The inverted shooting feature allows you to shot static landscapes from the low angle, like a lake surface.


  • 4-section legs.
  • Can be folded to 15.4 inches.
  • Compact & Sturdy.
  • Unique Ball Head with universal 3/8 - inch screw thread.
  • Three-edge Knob makes it easy to adjust the centre column.
  • Two-position leg angle adjustment system provides a safe and sturdy shooting.


  • Compact and lightweight- easy to carry while travelling.
  • Solid build.


  • Not stable enough to support a DSLR.


Photographers often claim tripods as one of the top camera accessories but do you know why? I'll tell you. First, photography requires proper framing of images, for which a tripod helps. Another usage of tripods arises when lenses of extreme focal lengths are used. Normally when using such lenses, there are more chances of getting blurred images due to camera shakes and micro jiggles, but if you are equipped with a good tripod, you needn't worry about that!

Thirdly,  a tripod helps increase camera stability and thus are instrumental in achieving maximum sharpness. There may be several reasons why you require a tripod. You may be a YouTuber or vlogger, filmmaker, a photographer or a traveler who needs a tripod to record their videos. You may be a lecturer or a teacher who needs to record their lectures. Whatever the reason, I can help you find the best tripod under 100 that can fulfill all your requirements.

I have put together a list of some of the best tripod under 100, available in the market today. So read on and find the tripod that truly fits your requirements.


These are some of the best tripod under 100. You will observe that almost all of them are portable, lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for shooting while you are travelling. Some of them are compact, so you won’t have to worry about lugging them around while you travel.

The others may not be as compact, but they come with their own set of features that make them unique. These best tripod under 100 are compatible with SLRs, camcorders, iPhones as well as Android smartphones. Some of them even have in-built Bluetooth connectivity, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your results with the world.

Whether you are a lecturer or a vlogger who needs a tripod for recording their videos; whether you are a filmmaker shooting in exotic locations; or whether you are a traveller simply looking to record their adventures- don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. All the best and happy clicking!

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