Best Softbox For Speedlight To Take Perfect Photos

Any photographer knows how important it is to keep a balance between light and shadow in the shot. If you're shooting in a location where there's too much light or it's the poor quality of light, or you happen to be photographing in a badly-lit studio, you need to add a softbox for Speedlight to your photo-arsenal. A best softbox for speedlight will allow you to manage how and where light is falling properly. 

best softbox for speedlight

The softbox (or the number of softboxes you might require) will depend entirely on the event and the location. Smaller softboxes for Speedlight might be better if you're shooting a portrait of one person, while several softboxes might be required if you're photographing a group or in a larger venue. If you are shooting in a room with green screen, then having the softboxes a kind of necessary requirement.

Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the Speedlight itself, and a lot of softboxes are rectangular or shaped such that they help to contain the light and direct it towards the object being photographed. As with a lot of photography paraphernalia, there are a lot of softboxes on the market. So what are some of the best softbox for speedlight you should be considering? Let's find it on the list.



Neewer - best softbox for speedlight

One of the best softbox for speedlight is this highly-reflective, foldable one from Neewer. There's no assembly required as you're rushing from one shoot to another because it comes in a black carry bag, and it's just a matter of folding it out. No screws or stands required to set this useful octagonal softbox up. 

This is particularly good for portraits because it provides a nice gentle light, but you could also use it for wedding or prom photos, or any event. The light might be soft, but it's sharp. The lightbox is designed for a strobe flash, with two white diffusers to manage the light.

You can get a nice natural lighting effect with this softbox, and the metal rods ensure that the softbox won't lose its shape. The rings are plastic, but they seem durable and will probably last you quite a while. The umbrella-like shape helps to scatter light evenly, too.

You don't get any instructions or a manual, but the setup is pretty intuitive for a collapsible softbox like this one. It also works well for outdoor shots and is stiff enough to withstand high wind.


  • 35.4 inches and octagonal.
  • The nylon cover is collapsible and reflective.
  • The silver particle inner baffle helps to temper the light.
  • Two white diffusers also help to give portraits a more natural look.
  • Bowens Mount.
  • Ideal for shooting portraits.
  • Carry bag included for portability.


  • The perfect size.
  • Folding and unfolding is very simple and quick.
  • Light-weight.
  • Value for money.


  • Plastic parts could be designed better.


Glow EZ  - best softbox for speedlight

My second pick for the best camera accessories for speedlight is this parabolic softbox from the brand Glow.  This is a great option for photography pros who want to add some polish to their lighting. It's umbrella setup gives you great balanced light for shoots and the fact that the softbox has such depth accurately diffuses the light.

This softbox is well worth the money. It can be a great option for fashion shoots, and it has a reflective silver interior with removable diffusers. The EZ Lock makes it easy to open up the softbox and lock it in place and loosen it for when it has to be packed away.

The aluminum rods make it a well-constructed tool that you can easily take on the road or travel without worrying about tears or accidents. The highly-compact cylindrical fabric bag that the Glow EZ comes in makes it very easy to fold into and carry and keeps the item safe and snug in storage.


  • 28 inches in diameter, 28.75 inches in depth. 
  • 16 ribbed sections, 16 aluminium rods.
  • EZ Lock makes setup simple.
  • Material is heat-resistant.
  • Inner baffle (removable) plus front diffuser to manage exposure.
  • Grid included.
  • Carrying case to keep things compact.


  • Great for larger studio setups.
  • Collapsing and putting up is easy.
  • Very well-built with aluminum and metal.
  • Durability is guaranteed.
  • Gives a soft, even light.


  • A bit large when collapsed, but still portable.


Kamerar D-Fuse - best softbox for speedlight

The D-Fuse from Kamerar is a light softbox that is also quite compact. The softbox rods are magnetic and can easily be connected to fully set up the softbox with attachment straps to mount the Speedlight.

The grid that comes with the softbox helps prevent light from spilling or seeping out, and the materials that the speed box is made from (unbleached nylon) are capable of diffusing light very easily.

One of the best things about the Kamerar D-Fuse softbox is that it folds up very well into a small, compact circle, and it won't take up much space in your equipment kit. The carrying pouch can easily be tossed into a bag to take from shoot to shoot, although it would be better if the grid had its own space to keep it in place.

But the fact that this gear is so easy to travel with and takes up such little room is a huge plus, particularly if you have a lot of other heavy tech and rigging to keep an eye on.


  • 12x12 inches.
  • Very compact, easily collapsible when work is done.
  • Attachment straps to set up the Speedlight.
  • Magnetic locks to stretch out the softbox and collapse it quickly.
  • Grid to control and prevent light from spilling.
  • Made to last.
  • It folds into a carrying bag about the size of a hand.


  • Very functional and fully portable.
  • The grid is very effective.
  • Magnetic locks make setting up and collapsing much easier.
  • Fits different kinds of LED panels.
  • Has the look of a pro piece of equipment.


  • Mounted speedlight could have additional security, aside from straps.


GODOX - best softbox for speedlight

This foldable softbox from Godox is one of the best softbox for speedlight with its S-type bracket. You can mount or fit all kinds of speedlights due to the softbox's versatility, and mounting itself is quite easy.

The softbox has an umbrella input hole to adjust the lighting setup, and there is a handle to adjust direction as well. The inside of the softbox is reflective silver, and the body is made of plastic. The softbox comes with a grid in a honeycomb style to control light spilling.

By using this softbox, you can manage the kind of light you're getting in your shots. You can get a really strong color and good contrast and hopefully evening out skin tone with the light if you're shooting portraits.

Overall, the size is also pretty small and folds away into a carry bag with a handle. You also get a cleaning cloth, so that's a great bonus.


  • 60x60cm softbox made of plastic.
  • Even distribution of light guaranteed.
  • Diffusers (outer and inner) are present.
  • Softbox sets up with velcros.
  • S-type bracket allows you to mount both horizontally and vertically.
  • Handle to adjust angles.
  • Grid in honeycomb style.


  • Grid is very effective in streamlining light source.
  • Great for shooting portraits.
  • Not very pricey, but high quality.
  • Very solidly built.
  • Setup is quite easy.


  • Instructions could be included.


 Neewer - best softbox for speedlight

This is a cheaper option from Neewer, but it will still do a very good job. It's a small and light-weight thing and pops out, so there's no fiddling around required to get it into position.

Full light will be filtered into a much softer, camera-worthy effect with this softbox, and you can mount the Speedlight two ways: horizontally and vertically, which gives you a lot more scope to play around with your light setting. You can use the adjustable grip to mount your Speedlight.

This is one of the best softbox for speedlight out there, and it works best with intimate close-up portraits. You may need another softbox for full portraits, but for the price, you can't beat this.

The softbox pulls down in a triangular form, and you can tuck it away into a carrying case, so it's easy to move around with. A great choice for portrait shoots, and very sturdy and solid despite being quite light.


  • 24x24 inches.
  • Softbox diffuses light to spread out effect.
  • S-type mount for Speedlight helps you shoot anywhere.
  • Speedlight can be mounted two ways.
  • Hole for umbrella input to adjust light in studio.
  • Made of strong plastic material.
  • Removable diffusers included.


  • Very affordable.
  • The Bowen Mount comes with a lot of adjustment options.
  • Twists back into a triangle.
  • Very effective for outdoor shots.


  • Folding it back up can be a bit tricky.


 Kamerar D-Fuse  - best softbox for speedlight

This is another D-Fuse model from Kamerar that's just slightly higher but still very affordable for a softbox. It has a new patented Lock System where the magnetic tubes snap together efficiently so that the softbox can be stretched and held together for a long time. This softbox unfolds into a circle-like shape and collapses very easily too. You use the attachment straps to mount the Speedlight. 

The softbox material is nylon, and the grid provided also helps to direct light. The circular pouch is good for storage and for taking it around places. This is quite a popular product as well, so you can be assured that it's one of the best softbox for speedlight out there that money can buy (at a decent rate!). 


  • 11.5x11.5 inches, circular shape.
  • Directs light for natural shots.
  • Made with good quality materials.
  • Grid to narrow light direction.
  • Good price point.


  • Light and compact.
  • Very quick to set up.
  • Good quality for the price.
  • Can fit many kinds of LEDs.
  • Feels very sturdy and durable.


  • The diffuser layer could be thicker.



NiceFoto's umbrella-style softbox is also one of the best softbox for speedlight, and it can be used for a lot of different shoots, from fashion photography to videos. It's made of high-density nylon, which makes it very reflective, and the softbox will also make sure to eliminate any shadows in the setup so you can get the perfect light arrangement.

This softbox is on the pricier side, but it's very easy to set up (in a matter of seconds, and it can be folded away conveniently in a cylindrical handle bag. If you need only one softbox that is versatile and can tackle various kinds of shoots, you should check out this NiceFoto product.


  • 27.5x21.2 inches.
  • Bowens Mount for ease of setup.
  • Hexadecagon build distributes light evenly.
  • Strong build.
  • Diffusers (with inner baffle).


  • Assembly is very simple, rods easily pull into place.
  • Very light, despite being large.
  • The carry bag is convenient and of good quality.
  • Very professionally designed.


  • Can require a bit of muscle to set up the first time.



This is a mid-range Godox softbox in an octagonal shape with a Bowens Mount. The assembly can be a bit hard to figure out to start with, but it's a very large softbox and can really work to direct your light the way you need it.

You can use it for more ambitious shoots and projects which take place outdoors as well. It can also be very good for fashion shoots and portraits.


  • 37 inches umbrella-style.
  • 8 support rods included.
  • Black honeycomb-like grid and 2 diffusers, which are both removable.
  • An aluminum ring adaptor is also included.
  • Carry bag to pack it all away.


  • Very good quality and solid construction.
  • Good price point.
  • Good for photography in larger studios.
  • Velcro attaches the linings easily.


  • Setup can be a bit tricky.



A very popular softbox from Triopo, this is a versatile option at a reasonable price. The 8-pole body is easy to collapse and gives a lot of support to the fabric when the softbox is set up. The fabrics are long-lasting and won't easily crease even when folded up.

The inner reflective surface also ensures that the light temperature won't be affected and streamlines light accurately to enhance your photos.


  • 25.6 inches, good for larger shoots.
  • Sets up in octagonal arc-shape, with support rods.
  • Angle-adjustable handle.
  • Soft cloth (in 2 layers) to soften the light.
  • Cylindrical carry bag.


  • Assembly and folding away is very easy.
  • Portable.
  • Very good materials.
  • Affordable.


  • It might be too large for small-scale shoots.



Finally, one of the best softbox for speedlight is this one from GVM. This is pretty large and will work well for big shoots or outdoor shots, with a Bowens Mount and silver embossed linings making the interior very reflective.

It works with Speedlights, flash, and strobe, so it's quite a versatile product. It's also portable so that it can be used for travel photography as well.


  • 22 inches softbox.
  • Octagon softbox.
  • Very effective when light is needed for large spaces.
  • Adjustable shooting angle.
  • Focusable lighting range.


  • Made from very good quality material.
  • Well-balanced, won't fall over.
  • Accommodates different kinds of Speedlights.
  • Portable.


  • Expensive.


By now, you must have picked out a new softbox from this list of the best softbox for speedlight. It all depends on your light requirements: your photography space, when you're working, and what you're shooting. 

The ideal softbox is versatile, can mount different Speedlights easily, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is portable. But it can be difficult to find something that ticks all those boxes. You'll still get some very good quality softboxes on this list, though, and the prices aren't too steep either. So get shopping for a new softbox tool to add to your photography kit!


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