Best Microphone For Rappers

Are you looking to get into making rap music? As a tremendously popular modern genre of music, it can be a bit intimidating, even if you have the skills to pull it off. For the best microphone for rapping, there are several options out there all over the price scale.

Best microphone for rapping

They may be either dynamic microphones (which can be better for live performance) or condenser microphones (which are better suited to recording), so what you end up buying depends both on your vocal patterns and your preferences. 

Also, you should pick something that’s perfectly suited to your uses and goals, and not because someone famous is using that brand. So be particular about the microphone you end up investing in. The list that is given in this article has got you covered with rapping microphones with different budgets. Now let’s look at some of the best rapping microphones that you can buy.

10 BEST microphone for rapping REVIEW


Fifine - best microphone for rapping


  • Polar pattern: Unidirectional.
  • USB-powered microphone
  • 78 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and PS4
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up noise from the front
  • Frequency response is fairly extended
  • Good for live streams and gamers as well

This USB microphone from Fifine is a reasonably-priced and it comes with a 5.9 foot USB cable using which you plug the rapping microphone into your PC or your Mac.

One of the best rapping microphones out there, this microphone is compatible with a lot of recording software, so you won’t have any problems with whatever you’re recording, whether it’s a track for Youtube or a professional demo. Since it has a cardioid polar pattern condenser, it is best suited for capturing computer voice accurately and, in turn, produce clear, smooth, and crisp sounds without any unwanted noise.

The rap recording microphone has a metal build and comes with a tripod, so it’s perfect for taking to a studio or to a friend’s house to jam and make music. The microphone has a volume knob on the body for adjustments as you go. This is not just perfect for rap music; you can also use it for recording podcasts, chatting over gaming sessions, or recording voice-overs.

Although the microphone doesn’t work with Xbox or your phone, it will run on all popular operating systems on your computer and allows you to tinker with whatever sound projects you like.

The microphone doesn’t have a mute button, but the volume knob provides a fair bit of space for adjustment. On the whole, this microphone gives very well, clear results that will allow you to realize the true potential of your music-making abilities, even if you have no other recording equipment.

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  • High sensitivity to sound
  • Can be attached to a microphone mount
  • Travel-friendly
  • Doesn’t pick up much ambient noise


  • USB cable could be longer


Audio technica -   best microphone for rapping


  • XLR microphone
  • 74 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Noise level is 20 dB
  • Low-mass diaphragm
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces side noises

If you are in search of something professional, then choosing an Audio-Technica condenser mic is optimal. Audio-Technica’s AT2020 model is the best microphone for rapping which you can get under $100, it won’t make much of a dent in your savings either.

With an audio sensitivity of 37 dB, this is perfect for your home studio to ramp up your audio quality to the level of a pro. With the threaded stand mount to attach the microphone securely, you can lay down your beats easily.

This rapper microphone itself doesn’t come with a stand, but you can connect it to any standard equipment you’ve got lying around, and it’ll do the job. It connects via XLR, so make sure you have the right cables, and when to set properly, it is possible to record sound like done in a professional environment. It isn’t USB-powered, but Audio-Technica does have another model which can connect via USB. 

The metal build gives this microphone a really professional look, so friends or professional musicians who are dropping by will be impressed by your tech for sure. It has unmatched versatility. 

The microphone runs on 48v of phantom power, so make sure you have an interface that can connect to your laptop or computer via the microphone. This is not a noise-canceling microphone, so it can pick up the unwanted surrounding sound easily. 

So this is slightly more fiddly than a simple USB plug and play process, but the quality is worth it for sure. Just make sure you’ve got all the accessories like filters and boosting pads before you start rapping. 


  • A real workhorse if you’re an audio pro
  • Very durable, strong build
  • Good for podcasts and voice-overs
  • Audio records well


  • There is a learning curve because it’s not a USB microphone

note:  To get the most of any microphone, know how to adjust the microphone sensitivity


Shure -  best microphone for rapping


  • Dynamic vocal microphone
  • XLR connector
  • 150-ohm impedance
  • Yoke mounting with the provided stand
  • Boosts bass and midrange
  • Pop-filter weeds out unnecessary wind
  • Great for music and speech

This Unidirectional microphone is a more high-end option from Shure, perhaps for a professional's budget, but it's a great microphone.

This microphone for rapping has a wide-range frequency response from this model by Shure means you get a very crisp, clean sound. And the internal shock-isolation prevents any mechanical noise from getting in the way or interfering with your rap.

Adding to this, it has electromagnetic shielding that stops other electronic equipment's hum from interfering. Also, this microphone is best known for its noise-killing technology that cuts out its background noise.

The SM7B also comes with an A7WS detachable windscreen, which is helpful for vocals and also helps if you dabble in podcasting or streaming as it emphasizes close-talk. This is a very popular dynamic microphone, and you can tell why because it's packed with all these features to make your sound sleek and professional.

Unlike a condenser microphone, this one is not that sensitive, and since it has a cardioid pattern, it is best suited for studio recording.

The mounting bracket is thrown in, so no concerns there. Since it's XLR-operated, they could have thrown in a cable as well, but it's easy to get hold of one. Phantom power is not required, but you need a preamp and an interface to get things running.

Less technical-minded musicians might want to avoid this mic for rap vocals, but if you can handle the setup and the additional equipment, this is a great option and will give you a polished final sound.


  • Very professional results
  • Good for hip hop vocals
  • A shock mount is built-in
  • Windscreens and adaptor included


  • Requires a lot of other equipment




  • Condenser microphone
  • 15mV/Pa sensitivity
  • FET preamp gives great range
  • Good bass
  • A very warm, clear sound
  • Good for vocals and instrumentals

Coming up next is another dedicated microphone for rapping that has some essential features that are ideal for recording rapping in the studio. So if you are looking for this purpose, then we can’t recommend this MXL rap studio microphone enough.

This microphone design is ideal for recording vocals and instruments. So I can tell that this is the best microphones for recording rap and thus you can use it for recording rap sessions with drum beats or other instruments. It’s also at an affordable price point, so it’s great for indie projects or starting musicians who have a tight budget.

However, it does need 48v of phantom power supply, so you will need an interface to run things. Despite being pretty affordable, this cheap microphone for rapping has a bit of a premium look, so you can go pro without emptying out your bank account.

It has a low-frequency roll-off, so there’s not much unnecessary noise in your recording, and a shock mount is also included. Additional features like a high pass filter, sensitivity, and a decent frequency range make this microphone ideal for rapping.

It’s also pretty decent for stage performances and speech, so you can give it a try for podcasts and the like as well, and it won’t let you down. Also, this microphone comes with a shock mount, rugged storage case that is some brownie points. A real all-rounder at a very good price is ideal for beginners or even pros who want to add to their tech kit for some variety. I can say that this is the best condenser mic for rap vocals!


  • Very good quality
  • Shock mount and carrying case are great accessories
  • Bass roll-off comes in handy
  • Cheap rapping microphone


  • XLR cable is not included


SHURE SM58-LC -  best microphone for rapping


  • Dynamic vocal microphone
  • XLR connected
  • Shock-mount system prevents unnecessary noise
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Metal and steel-mesh construction for durability

At around $100 mark, this microphone from Shure is also one of the best rapping microphones available. This is more of a microphone for performances, so while you can connect it up in the recording studio, it’s better for you to take and stage and wow an audience with.

This is a dynamic microphone, so it’s particularly built for live music sessions and is good for midrange and bass. It looks like a typical microphone with no bells and whistles, but it’s highly durable, so even a few accidental drops or a loosely-packed travel kit when you’re on the road won’t really do it any harm.

So it’s a good idea to get this microphone if you’re doing a tour of some kind and you want some reliable gear to carry with you.

The spherical filter in the microphone reduces any unnecessary wind and noise, so the focus is largely on your vocals.

Also, the microphone comes with a zipper storage bag, so you don’t have to buy more supplies to pack it up properly when you travel. This is a great entry-level microphone for starting performers, and it’ll lend an undeniable style to your vocals when you’re in front of an audience.


  • Good value for money
  • Good for indoor and outdoor vocals
  • Pop-filter is very useful
  • Very clear sound


  • Doesn’t come with cables




  • Cardioid condenser microphone
  • Tuned specifically for neutral frequency response
  • Produced under strict quality control measures
  • JFET circuit with gold traces improves noise conduction
  • Very low self-noise and mechanical sounds
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 1.2 x 5.7 inches

This is a good mid-range option if you want to settle for something that’s not too pricey but not too cheap either. You need an audio interface (with 48v phantom power) to operate it, and you can connect it via XLR.

The diaphragm capsules are made of Japanese mylar, and the microphone is high-sensitivity, so it can capture noises which aren’t as loud. The iron build of the microphone ensures that it’s going to last a long time and makes it very durable.

The Stellar X2 gives you good, clear results, and it’s one of the best rapping microphones on the market for producing a smooth, even sound.


  • Great for home studios
  • Good for voice-overs and speech recording
  • Well-balanced sound


  • Build quality could be improved


Shure 55SH


  • Polar pattern: unidirectional.
  • Cardioid dynamic microphone
  • Shock-mounted cartridge makes for quiet running
  • Chrome and die-cast casing
  • Great for cutting out unnecessary noise
  • Audio interface required
  • Stand mount and on-off switch included

Shure has another great mid-range option, and this is the kind of microphone that you see celebrities and music professionals use in videos, so it’s perfect for getting smooth results.

It has a really modern design with a slightly retro edge, and is great for rap and rhythm and blues style music. The frequency response is good for vocals and speech, and the swivel-mount can be tilted forwards and backwards to allow adjustments.

The microphone is a bit heavy, so you might need to get a stand for it, particularly if you’re planning to use it for live vocals. It’s great for sounds which are neither too loud or too soft, so rap should be perfect.


  • Very clear sound
  • Very well-made
  • Hardly any feedback issues
  • Very refined, stylish look


  • Very heavy, so probably difficult to travel with
  • Better for indoor recordings




  • Polar pattern: Cardioid.
  • XLR connector
  • Metal body makes it durable
  • In-built shock mount for reduction of unnecessary noise

You can expect Sennheiser to produce the best microphone for rapping, with their reputation for high-quality audio equipment. This is from their 600/800 series of microphones, and the presence boost results in a very clear and well-projected sound.

This is the kind of thing you can buy particularly for live shows, as it pretty much works as a handheld microphone. It’s also easier to figure out than some other microphones on the market, so if you’re new to all the gadgetry that comes with music-making, this mic for rap vocals is a good one to try.


  • 10 year warranty is a great bargain
  • Clear, rich sound
  • Very solid, can withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • Good frequency response


  • Not for very low, subtle vocals
  • XLR cable not included




  • Dynamic broadcast microphone
  • Connects via XLR
  • Built-in shock mount
  • Pop-filter to lower ambient noise
  • Available in grey and black

As the name implies, this microphone from MXL is particularly good for podcasting, but it’s also one of the best microphones for rap vocals. You need an interface to connect via XLR, but you can use a USB cable as well if you’re planning to plug the microphone into your laptop or computer. This isn’t quite made for singing, but it works very well for rap and speech recording, with side rejection contributing to isolating unnecessary noise.


  •  Mid-range option that looks premium
  • Good for radio, voicework
  • Very accurate, well-defined sound
  • Good bass


  • More mount and stand adjustments would be better




  • Condenser microphone, with cardioid capsule
  • 100 Hz high-pass filter records sounds with versatility
  • Class-A circuits give you accurate results
  • 20-20000 Hz frequency response
  • 48v phantom power required to operate

Probably the most colourful microphone on this list, and ideal if you want to jazz up your tech setup. The blue and gold style from the Blue Store is really fashionable, although the price is a bit steep.

However, this microphone is great for the home studio, and has a really classy look that will liven up a dull corner. It’s great for delivering strong, clear vocals and comes with a custom shock mount and a wooden storage box.


  • An unbeatable, smooth and stylish look
  • Good for male voices particularly
  • Great for instrumental recordings
  • Very high-quality


  • Not for very soft vocals

What is special about the best microphone for rapping?

It is not easy to rap on a normal microphone, and the output is not as expected. This is because the regular microphones aren't intended to handle the movement that occurs while rapping. And it is not noise-canceling.

That said, the rapping mics can handle the unwanted noise that gets through the mic during aggressive handling. Though this is the basic reason why rapping microphones are special, there are other features to consider. You can refer to the buying guide given below.

Things to Consider When Buying best microphone for rapping 

Frequency range

Frequency range, in general, refers to how loud or quiet something is. In terms of recording, it is important to consider the hertz as well. Hertz refers to the frequency or pitch of a sound. That said, the larger the frequency range of a microphone, the better it would be picking up on different sounds and their pitches.

However, the sound that comes from either end of your microphone’s range will not be recorded or recreated much compared to the sound recorded on the center part of the microphone.  

Polar pattern

The polar pattern of a microphone refers to the direction from which it can record sound. If you are using a microphone for recording rap, then the polar pattern is an important factor to consider. There are different models present, and you can choose the one that works with your microphone setup.

  • Cardioid: Also known as directional mics, the microphones are great for studios because they are more sensitive to anyone facing the mic. And they have reduced sensitivity to any sounds coming from the sides or behind the person who is recording. 
  • Omnidirectional: As the name indicates, these microphones are equally sensitive in all directions. This works best if you are recording live where you have a rapper and musicians working together.
  • Combination: If you love to experiment with a variety of sounds and techniques, you must choose a combination. These mics allow you to switch between different polar patterns with just a flip of a switch.   The figure of eight: If more than one person is recording simultaneously, then this type is ideal. This type of pattern picks up sound in a figure-eight pattern on either side of the microphone. 

High-pass filters

Rap-compatible vocal mics must have high-pass filters and pads. In the case of lower-end frequency, you can remove them in most condenser vocal mics when they are not needed by using a simple switch. Also, check whether the microphone has boosting pads as they can also improvise the overall clarity of the recordings.

Transducer Type: Condenser vs Dynamic mics

There are two most common transducer mics; they are dynamic and condenser mics. Condenser mics have a wider frequency response and a higher level of sensitivity. In contrast, dynamic mics can process more than condenser mics, have lower frequency response, and are best suited to live. 


Which type of fitting do you prefer? This depends on the type of environment you are going to see it. If you want a USB connection to connect the mic straight into the computer, then choose USB fitting. 

Maximum Sound Pressure Level

This refers to the maximum amount of noise a mic can take in before it starts to distort. This is also an important factor to consider, as rappers often shout out their lyrics aggressively while performing with a mic. Any microphone with 140 to 150 dB is impressive.


The best microphone for rappers is for someone who doesn’t want to spend an extravagant amount of money, would be usable both for recording and performance purposes, although you might not always find one that fits both situations exactly.

However, these microphones are guaranteed to give you good, clear results, and there are options both for the tech-gurus and for people who don’t know much about the mechanics of it all, and just want to make music.

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best rapping microphones out there, pick out the newest addition to your home studio now!


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