Best Microphone Boom Arm For Podcasting

Buying the best microphone boom arm for your professional studios can be a daunting task, especially when you don't have adequate technological knowledge. Over the past few years, there have been many new great inventions, and due to which social media have turned into a great mode to earn your livelihood. 


The rise in popularity of podcasting, gaming, and YouTube video streaming has made a best microphone boom arm stand's a must-have for every tech lover. It holds out the microphone firmly and allows you to record your content without any noise or distraction. You have to choose the most comfortable stand among many companies, which is smoothly flexible and offers great features.

Don't worry. Here I have listed below some of the most amazing and flexible microphone boom arms with their features, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can compare with products and their competitors and finally select the best one which matches your requirements.




I am starting this list of best microphone boom arm with my  favorite one from NEEWER. You can create a total professional set-up with a neat and clean desk as the cable is included and built into the boom arm.

If you have been thinking to start your podcasting channel, this is the best fit for you. This microphone boom arm is built for heavier microphones, and the springs work well, which allows moving the boom arm effortlessly.

You can use it in studios for professional music production or recording, podcasting, voice-overs, content creation, etc. Internally built cable provides a clean and clutter-free look to your workspace. The stand rotates 360 degrees without any noise, which allows you to record your contents with absolutely no distraction.

Simultaneously, multiple knobs are built for securing the mic at the desired angle. So if you are a gamer, this feature is going to be a advantage for you, as you can firmly adjust your mics and concentrate thoroughly on your game.

The overall blackish-matte-like finish looks stunning and again proves that this boom arm stand is an asset for your studio or professional work from a home desk. This boom arm from NEEWER is built from the best quality spring-loaded internally in arms, making it capable of holding 1kg max weight and allowing 35 mm of maximum extension.

You can effortlessly mount the stand over your table or professional studio desk and start recording your music album from your desired angles without any distraction or concern about the mic’s stability. You can rely on this one for holding your microphone securely.


  • Built-in internal cable
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation
  • Powder-coated steel material
  • Can hold microphone up to 3.4 lbs
  • 32” max extension
  • Clamp + fixed mount included


  • Clutter-free look
  • Capable of holding heavier microphones
  • High-quality Spring-loaded Articulating Arm
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Affordable price


  • But the arm clamp slips off from the table, so you need to get the table drilled for fixing it.


TONOR T20 - best microphone boom arm

Are you on a budget? Then I would suggest you to look at this best microphone boom arm. It has a best quality microphone arm stand in its range, which is durable, and lasts for a longer duration and also saves your pocket, as you won't have to invest your money into upgrading it any time sooner.

TONOR T20 is made of high-quality steel material and it supports microphones weighing a maximum of up to 3.96lbs/ 1.8 kg.  Built-in high-quality springs are strong enough to support some of the heavy and best quality microphones. You can pull the mic towards you and record comfortably and push it away once you are done or take a break.

Talking about the flexibility and smooth moments of the stand, the best thing is you can change its position without any noise that will save you from distraction during the recording session of your music album or a live-talk show. This arm stand holds the microphone firmly with no slipping, and you won't have to go through that awkwardness in front of your pals during long hours of shooting/ recording sessions.

You can directly attach high-quality heavy microphones like Yeti and Snowball with the help of a metal adapter, which comes attached to it. No more messy workspace as the cable management is made easy by 4 cable ties so that you can avoid cluttering of wires over your table.


  • Can hold max weight up to 1.8 kg microphone
  • Two 3/8" 5/8" adapter
  • 360-degree full rotation
  • Microphone clip adapter + pop filter + cable ties included
  • Metal body
  • Rubber bottom protects desk


  • 4 cable ties gives more grip. 
  • Included pop filter
  • Capable of holding max 4 pounds mic
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Supports microphone like Yeti 


  • No twisting clamp

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EASTSHINING arm stand - best microphone boom arm

Coming up next is another best microphone boom arm stand that comes with a dual suspension spring attached to each boom arm, which keeps the microphone from shaking, falling, or making noise while adjusting. If you have to shift or adjust the mic stand in-between the show, go ahead care-free.

You can either mount it with the clamp, which comes along up to 2.15"/5.5 cm thick. The arms are very light in weight, totally flexible, and you can easily shift them. The stand allows extension up to 27.6"/70 cm so you can stretch the arms and smoothly shift it towards your guest of the live-talk-show as well. 

Designed especially for some of the most professional microphones available in the market, this one gives a professional look to your working corner. This best boom arm stand is recommended for ASMR videos, voice-overs, Youtube/ Facebook/ Instagram videos, radio broadcasting, music production, etc.

Compared to the old models, this one has a much stronger bearing capability and extra screws attached to tighten the arms firmly. It's a professional microphone stand used for live broadcastings.

Much required adjustable clamp, which is missing among this range of its competitors, helps you place your microphone in your desired position and record your contents from the comfort of your home or studio. Made up of premium steel material, this stand is the best fit to gift your music lover friend or a family party announcer sibling this holiday season.

The best part is it comes with a arm stand with a 1-year replacement warranty and a lifetime of customer support. What's better than a pre-assurance right?


  • Dual suspension spring 
  • Clip over up to 2.15/ 5.5 cm thick desk
  • Electrostatic powder anti-rust steel material 
  • 360 degree smooth mount moment
  • Supports all type of microphones
  • 3/8-5/8 adapters included 


  • Adjustable clamp
  • Suitable for professional microphones
  • Allows you to pull or fold comfortably
  • Capable of handling up to 2 kg of weight
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Foldable arms


  • Blue Yeti microphone will not support in the shock mount



Are you looking for best microphone boom arm for your blue yeti mic? Then I strongly recommend this AOKEO AK-35. It is made up of high-quality anti-rust steel and electronic powder spraying tech. The stand is strong, flexible, and durable. It can be mounted over any desk up to 10 cm of thickness, allows 360-degree rotation, and allows you to record dazzling audio contents depending on just a single microphone.

It supports microphones of up to 3 kg of weight like Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti and many other professional microphones that are used by renowned studios and pro artists.

This is the best fit for you if you want to go with the trend of podcasting or want to promote your products by making ASMR satisfying sound videos that tingle you immediately or many other contents like a live-talk show, radio broadcasting, music production, etc.

AOKEO offers a lifetime warranty with 90 days return option. People generally use it for professional quality studio recordings due to its strong grasping ability. You can record your music albums professionally in the comfort of your home by simply mounting the mic stand on your desk and going on with recording your content without caring about the world.

All you need is an AOKEO boom arm stand with a perfect microphone, and your cool studio setup is ready. One can conveniently fold the stand, which makes it easy to carry from one place to another, so in case you are planning to record your music with a perfect mood background somewhere out in nature, go on!


  • High-quality anti-rust steel, plastic mic clip included
  • Folding flexible arms/360-degree smooth moment
  • Supports weight up to 3 kg
  • Attach to any desk up to 10 cm thick
  • 5/8" thread adapter.


  • Pop-filter included
  • For professional recordings
  • Lifetime warranty/ 90 days return policy
  • Made up of high-quality anti-rust steel 


  • Clamp is not strong enough


INNO GEAR - best microphone boom arm

InnoGear mic suspension boom arm is quite different from the traditional microphone stands; it is flexible enough which allows you to fold it and free up space from your desk because no one can work in the cluttered environment. Made up of high-quality steel material, both the arms are 0.53 inches thick and possess' power to hold microphones of 4.4 lbs weight.

You can use some of the professional microphones on this stand, such as Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, AT2020, etc. Unlike other mic stands, springs are built inside the arm, giving a clean look to the studio's overall setup and providing a clean and tidy workspace. So you won't have to keep shifting things on your desk to adjust your stuff.

You can easily hold up to 4 Blue Yeti at once for your professional music production with total firmness and sturdiness, which is seriously unbelievable. Inno Gear solid microphone stand is very convenient to adjust and extraordinarily flexible, which will prove as an asset for your podcasting or radio broadcasting. This boom arm stand is must-have professional equipment for your studio. 


  • Double layered pop filter, microphone windscreen included
  • Supports microphone up to 4.4 lbs
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Inbuilt springs
  • Smooth and noise-free moment


  • Can hold up to 4 Blue Yeti at once
  • Premium metal material
  • Cool for your professional studio setup
  • Spongy clamp base protects desk
  • 5/8" adapter


  • Mounting clamp is small


BLUE COMPASS - best microphone boom arm

Cable management is made easy with the Blue compass premium style boom arm's built-in spring and cable technology, which provides a neat and clean work environment or desk without wires cluttering all around. Compass is the perfect boom arm for game streaming, podcasting, etc.

It's a great pick for your professional studios with smooth and quiet rotation moments, which possess the strength to support up to 2.4 pounds of microphones such as Yeti and Blackout Spark SL.

With its 360 degrees rotation, you can adjust the mic on your desired location and feature the microphone in front of the camera, as well as you can raise its height max 5up to 32 inches and make it disappear from the screen. Amazing.

Mount it permanently over your desk or adjust it with a c-clamp and record your studio-quality work from the comfort of your home.


  • Internally built spring and cables
  • Designed for professional microphones
  • Smooth and quite 360 degrees rotation moment
  • Hold up to 2.4 pounds microphone
  • C-clamp Mount


  • Cable management made easy
  • Fits perfectly for professional setups
  • Stylish appearance


  • Arms are not flexible enough


GATOR FRAMEWORKS - best microphone boom arm

For those who don't want to mount their microphone stand, you can go for Gator Frameworks; this model comes with a heavier base that keeps your microphone stable in one place. This stand can hold up to 1.5 lbs of weight. The telescoping boom mic stand is the ideal choice for recording, podcasts, etc.

You can adjust and position the arm at the perfect angle up to a maximum of 14.25 inches. The best part is you can conveniently shift it from one place to another without having to indulge in the complex process of removing the shock mount clip holder and adapter.


  • Stable and heavy base
  • Can hold up to 1.5 lbs
  • Height adjustment with 27-inch boom arm
  • Can reach max up to 14.25inch of height
  • Supports heavy microphones


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Doesn't occupy much space
  • Good height and adjustment
  • Microphone clip comes along 


  • You can't move it very often because of the heavyweight
  • Not a good option for the music production profession


SAMSON MBA28 - best microphone boom arm

If you are willing to start your podcast or a singer who wants to produce his/her music, start it with this best microphone boom arm, MBA28, which is the perfect tool. Built-in spring allows smooth and quiet horizontal and vertical moment up to 28 inches and avoids distraction during live broadcasts or gaming sessions.

You can mount it permanently over your desk or simply just with the help of a C-clamp. Made up of strong and sturdy steel material, the stand can hold up to 3 kg. Flexible arms are foldable, making it convenient for you to shift the stand whenever you like. 


  • For microphones up to 3 kg
  • Built-in springs
  • Flange mount c-clamp
  • Can reach up to 28 inches
  • Prefferd for desktop recording + broadcasting


  • Built-in spring gives a clean look
  • Sturdy build
  • 2 mounting solutions
  • Smooth moments/ silent adjustment 


  • Doesn't support some professional microphones


RAZER SEIREN X - best microphone boom arm

The professional microscope boom arm stand comes along with a Razer X foam windscreen. This microphone holder stand is a blessing for all you gamers out there, as it will firmly hold the mic in any angle and position you desire and will eventually enhance your live gaming session experience.

180-degree foldable arms can be adjusted conveniently in different preferred types of angles. Both sides have knobs from which you can tighten the stand at any specific needed position. If you are someone who creates voice-overs and needs a microphone stand for your desktop, then Razer Seiren from YOU SHARE is the best fit for you. 


  • Comes with pop filter + foam cover windscreen
  • 3/8" to 5/8" adapter
  • Dual suspension springs on each arm
  • 180-degree foldable arms
  • Strong metal material


  • Advanced high-quality material 
  • Perfect for Youtube live sessions or podcasting
  • Cool design
  • Affordable price 


  • Shaky mount


GATOR FRAMEWORKS - best microphone boom arm

Gator Frameworks boom stands are the best possible solution to reduce clutter from your desk. This stand is preferred by radio hosts, podcasters, broadcasters, gamers, music producers, etc. Full 360-degree rotating arms provide you options to adjust the stand at any angle up to 32.25" max extension according to your comfort.

Smooth and quiet moment reduces the chances of distraction during a live session. Don't worry! This stand is super strong and can handle any weight up to 4.4 lbs perfectly without falling. So go on and upgrade your old microphone stand without any second thought. 


  • Supports microphone up to 4.4 lbs
  • 32.25" horizontal and vertical max extension
  • Built-in 10 XLR cable
  • Mounts or clamps to desk
  • Spring-loaded flexible arms


  • Works well with any microphones 
  • Strongly built
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in cable


  • Tight knobs


1. What are the other audio gears you can use with your camera?

Well, the list is big. Depending on your needs and choice; you can keep adding additional audio gears like a boom mic, a boom stand, an audio mixer, or a laptop for audio editing. You can check my article on more audio accessories for cameras to get a detailed list of the different products.

2. Which is the best boom mic for podcasting?

Though there are many options available in the market my top picks would be these:


Choosing the best tools for your desktop or studio can be a difficult task. However, I have noted down some of the finest and best microphone boom arm that stands with their features, advantages & disadvantages. Worried about your budget? Don't panic; I have included some budget-friendly pics in my list.

Creating content is a difficult task, and the first step towards executing your professional ideas is choosing the tools that will help you turn your dream into reality. So select the best microphone stand from the above mentioned to enhance your first ever music production experience.


I'm Xavier. I am a professional writer and blogger. It all started when I fell in love with my camera, which was presented to me when I was ten as a birthday gift. Since then, I wanted to become a cinematographer and also succeeded in that. So I am here researching and reviewing the filmmaking gadgets and giving out my top gadgets from the market.I hope you find my review articles interesting and helpful.

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