Best Lens For Vlogging To Record Better Video

Did you just scroll through to check the best lens for vlogging? Then you are in the right place. Actually, it is entirely possible that you can just whip out your smartphone and start vlogging via its front camera, but if you really want that professional-grade quality, you are probably going to have to invest in a camera.


If you get yourself a camera, what will make that camera good is the lens you put on it and in this article, I am going to list out 10 best lens for vlogging. Lets move on to the list.





Canon EF-S 10-18mm-best lens for vlogging
  • lens: ultra wide zoom lens.
  • Maximum Aperture: F/5.6.
  • Focal Length: 10-18mm.
  • Compatible Mount: Canon EF-S.
Sigma 10-20mm-best lens for vlogging
  • lens: Wide Angle. 
  • Maximum Aperture: F/3.5. 
  •  Focal Length: 10-20mm. 
  • Compatible Mount: Available for all cameras.
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm-best lens for vlogging
  • lens: Wide Angle. 
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4.5.
  • Focal Length: 10-24mm. 
  • Compatible Mount: Nikon DX.
Tamron SP AF 17-50mm-best lens for vlogging
  • lens: Wide Angle. 
  • Maximum Aperture: F/2.8.
  • Focal Length: 17-50mm. 
  • Compatible Mount: Available For All Cameras.
Sony - E 10-18mm-best lens for vlogging
  • lens: Wide Angle. 
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4.
  • Focal Length: 10-18mm. 
  • Compatible Mount: Sony E. 



Sigma 10-20mm - best lens for vlogging

Let me start my list of best lens for vlogging with Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM, which is one of those lenses that I wish I had known about earlier. This lens is compatible with APS-C format DSLR cameras.

Now, with that clear, let us talk about this lens. This wide-angle lens has a constant and fast f/3.5 aperture across the range of its zoom, making it really good under low-light condition. In terms of its build quality, it is somewhere in between in terms of material (on paper) being a mixture of plastics and metal. With that said, in hand, it feels really nice to hold and has a heavy feel to it.

The HSM in this lens' name stands for "hyper-sonic motor" which focuses quickly and quietly and it works on almost all cameras, even entry-level ones. However, what I really like and helps a lot while vlogging is that constant aperture.

This lens has seven diaphragm blades, so throughout its zoom lens, it maintains a constant aperture of f/3.5. It allows for capturing more light, increasing its low-light performance.

The lens does not have an internal zoom, meaning it extends out while zooming but I have personally never felt that as an issue. Still, though, some do, worth mentioning. The only real drawback I noticed was no weather-protection so if you are in the snow or the rain, you better find shelter quick.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Nikon DX.
  • 13 elements in 10 groups.
  • Max Focal Length: 20 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 10 Millimeters.


  • Built and feels solid.
  • The hyper-sonic motor makes focus fast and quiet.
  • Low-light performance is impressive.
  • Auto-focusing can manually be overridden.


  • No weather-sealing.


Canon EF - best lens for vlogging

This lens made up of plastic, which inherently seems like a negative point. Still, when you take into consideration that you are going to be using it for vlogging, the plastic actually seems better because it does not add much weight and it is still durable.

Another major factor for why I consider the ES-S 10-18mm to be a great pick for vloggers is the fact that it comes equipped with image stabilization for steady videos. Along a special feature called the STM (Stepper Motor Technology) focus motor which, in basic terms, lens autofocus.

This lens has quite an impressive field of view, considering how it is fairly compact and really is very easy to carry. This lens, being a wide-angle lens, its focal length varies, from 10mm to 18mm. 10mm is a wide-angle and, well, like I said before, it impressed me. Using it at 18mm, it can be used in a variety of ways.

Overall, if I had to sum things, I would say this is a great, feature-rich lens which, just from looking at it, you probably won't be able to detect.

If you do not mind the plastic body, this is a best lens for vlogging. The image stabilization that affects video as well, so you get really steady videos which is helped further via Stepper Motor Technology which helps while autofocusing. 9 out of 10 for me.


  • Lens Type: Wide Angle.
  • Max Focal Length: 18 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 10 Millimeters.
  • Optical image stabilizer.
  • Variable focal length of 10-18mm.
  • Focus Type: Stepper motor.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 4-stop image stabilization.
  • It is made from durable polycarbonate plastic.
  • Produces sharp images.


  • Plastic.


Nikon AF-S - best lens for vlogging

The Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED takes the cake for being the zoom lens that provides the widest angle of viewing. The field of view on this camera is equivalent to that of one on a focal length of 15 to 36mm in FX-format (note: it is not made for FX-format but it will work from about 18 mm-24 mm).

To put a number on it, with this ultra-wide lens, you get a viewing angle of 109°. The 2.4x zoom may not seem to be a lot but for the most part, it is not that big of a problem.

The build quality of this lens is awesome and it better be at that price point. It is a mixture of metal and polycarbonate. When you hold the camera, it seems solid and has that premium heavy-feel to it.

Now, coming to the problem with this lens is that it low-key feels like a one-trick pony. If a wide field of view is what you are looking for, go for it, no questions. It does that really well with.

However, it suffers when it comes to other, daily things. The sharpness of images at wider apertures are not the best or average (unless you are able to figure out that "sweet spot") and that zoom, as I said before, is not exactly impressive. It is below average in 2021. I would call this a "specialized lens" rather than a "do-it-all". A hit or miss lens.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Nikon DX.
  • Max Focal Length: 24 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 10 Millimeters.
  • Optimized for DX-format Nikon D-SLR cameras.


  • Build quality is quite impressive.
  • Fast and quiet autofocusing.
  • Center sharpness is impressive.
  • No lens extension while zooming.


  • Expensive and rather limiting.


Tamron SP - best lens for vlogging

The names of these lenses always fascinate me. The Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 VC XR Di ll LD is a standard zoom, fast aperture lens with hood for Canon DSLR cameras. The SP in its name stands for "super-performance" so I naturally went into testing with high expectations and I am not disappointed, but I would say that calling it super performance is a bit of an overkill.

This best lens for vlogging has a constant aperture of f/2.8 regardless of which it is quite lightweight and easy to handle. The in-built motor for focusing claims to be silent which isn't exactly noise-free but is quiet enough to not come into notice after a while and the focus is internal so nothing outside, except for the focus ring, moves.

This lens performed fantastically across all focal lengths by being able to produce sharp quality images. This is a great mid-range zoom lens for beginners and amateurs.

With that said, it has one major drawback. It is manufactured without any permissions from Nikon or Canon, so for the most part, it should fit your camera and not cause issues but, well, there is a chance always with unauthorized equipment to not work as intended.

However, I have seen almost no complaints about that and obviously, it can be returned if something goes wrong. The performance was okay in my various tests and I would recommend this as a budget option for beginners. Not for professionals.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mounting: Canon EF-S.
  • Max Focal Length: 50 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal -Length: 17 Millimeters.
  • Maximum Aperture: F/2.8, Minimum Aperture: F/32.
  • Angle of view: 78°45' ~ 31°11.'


  • Surprisingly impressive optics.
  • Good lens for beginners.
  • For the price, it is a good deal.
  • Fast 2.8 aperture.


  • Most people find the autofocus motor noisy.


Sony - E 10 -best lens for vlogging

When you use a different camera system than the traditional ones, you are bound to run into some predictable problems. It is like driving a Tesla, it is awesome but you cannot just take it to any mechanic. The same applies here. The Sony - E 10-18mm F4 OSS is a mount lens for the NEX system.

With a limited number of lens options, Sony had to make this lens worth it and it honestly is except one problem. I'll address that in the cons. Diving deep, you will notice this lens is built entirely of metal so naturally has a heavy, premium feel to it with no switches located on the outside. Yes, not even a button for turning off stabilization but why would you?

In terms of performance, well, this lens is a bit of a niche at the end of the day with its disappointing 8mms range but then again, you are aware of that and you aren't getting it for its range rather its ability to take dramatic wide-angle shots which it does perfectly.

This lens allows an almost 360-degree field of view and taking panorama shots is really easy. However, for vlogging, the only reason you would consider this lens is if you own a NEX shooter and want to vlog using this wide-angle lens. Again, it is a niche lens so it is quite hard to objectively say how good it is. Yet another hit or miss situation.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony E.
  • Max Focal Length: 18 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 10 Millimeters.
  • Groups/Elements: 8/10.
  • Image Stabilization.


  • Ultra-wide lens.
  • 4-stop image stabilization.
  • Built-in autofocus.
  • Internal focusing.


  • A niche lens, as I have said repeatedly.


Rokinon 35mm - best lens for vlogging

Rokinon 35mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC seems to be one of those lenses that do not get the appreciation they deserve, probably because of the company's name. The company doesn't have a bad name or nothing, they just aren't exactly mainstream, but they certainly made a quality product. It is quite a capable lens.

The 35mm provides the lens with a generous zoom range along with really pretty looking normal distance and close up shots. This lens is perfect for filmmakers. Everything on it is manual and everything is in your control, which may be a plus or a negative depending upon your perspective.

The lens itself does require a support system, so that takes a point away from it for vlogging purposes. It is made of plastic but does not feel very good, but at this price, it is acceptable. With that said, the videos that you shoot from this do look amazing. I would rate this as a decent budget option.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Micro Four Thirds.
  • Max Focal Length: 35.
  • Min Focal Length: 35.
  • One Aspherical and Two HR Elements.


  • UMC coating.
  • Photos and videos look great.
  • 35mm allows for versatility.
  • Great in low-light.


  • Only manual focus.


Canon EF-S 10-22mm

This lens, the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, has been around for many years now and has been beloved by vloggers around the world. Not exactly a professional-grade lens, which you can guess from its price, the lens is more of a beginner/intermediate level lens. Despite 10-22mm being a beginner lens, this one comes with a lot of extra features that make it so much better.

It has way better low-light performance thanks to the one-extra step in its aperture. Its auto-focus is instant and continuous and can easily be switched into manual mode via a switch. It is almost entirely plastic except the identity ring and metal ring so it is fairly lightweight. It is just an overall best lens for vlogging.


  • 6 rounded blades.
  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon EF-S.
  • Max Focal Length: 22 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 10 Millimeters.


  • Overall a decent lens.
  • Macro performance impressed me.
  • Ultrawide.
  • Lightweight.


  • Bit pricey.

8. NIKON Z 14-30MM F/4 S

Nikon Z 14-30mm

Straight up, I find 0 issues on this lens and for a 1000 dollar plus, I would certainly expect it to be perfect. This ultra-wide lens provides you with really awesome quality pictures, sharp and full of detail. I know I kind of bashed how costly it was, but it is priced quite competitively, so it's not like the price is unreasonable.

The Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S is really compact and looks almost like a starter lens, but it feels and has all the features of a premium lens. You won't go wrong with this, especially if a wide-angle lens is what you want.


  • 14 elements in 12 groups.
  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Nikon Z.
  • Max Focal Length: 30 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 14 Millimeters.


  • Autofocus is fast and quiet.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Splash, dust and fluorine protection.


  • None I found.


Canon EF-S 17-55mm

This lens is overpriced. Let me argue why. An almost 900 dollar lens, in direct comparison to a 100 dollar lens, the performance did not justify the 800 dollar price gap. It was certainly better but not 800 dollars better. Otherwise, it is a best lens for Vlogging.

The autofocus is fast and quiet, it is easy to use and does pretty much everything well. With that said, again, I feel it is overpriced, it is made mostly of plastic with only a metal ring, for what it offers. If money isn't a factor, I won't resist recommending it though.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon EF-S.
  • Max Focal Length: 55 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 17 Millimeters.
  • 19 elements, 12 groups, 3 aspherical elements and 2 of UD glass.


  • Very Sharp.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Quick and quiet focusing.
  • Decent in low-lighting.


  • Macro isn't that impressive.
  • Expensive.


Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar

The last pick in our list of  best lens for vlogging is Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar lens, which is an ultra-wide lens you should consider if money isn't a major factor and you are looking for a reliable lens. Sony is known for making great lenses and this one is no exception.

It is able to capture dramatic ultra-wide shots with its 16mm coverage, which understatedly is not everyone's thing but if it is yours, you should definitely consider this lens.

A lens with this wide of a lens is definitely a plus for videos and it also is optically stabilized, adding to the quality of your vlogs. I was impressed by the build quality, it is dust and moisture resistant but at the same time, at this price, it better. There is some distortion at f/4 but it is manageable.


  • Lens: Wide Angle.
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony E.
  • Max Focal Length: 35 Millimeters.
  • Min Focal Length: 16 Millimeters.
  • Supports 72mm front filters.


  • Optical Image stabilization.
  • Ultra-wide field of view.
  • Dust and moisture resistant.


  • Expensive.
  • Milk distortion overall zoom ranges.


That concludes this article, the above were 10 best lens for vlogging. They are in no particular order nor in direct comparison with each other considering the variety of different features they boast and the difference in their price.

I tried to add a lens in the list for everyone, from a budget lens for beginners to expensive ones for all you professionals out there. I hope this article about best lens for vlogging helped you and you start or continue vlogging!


Hey, this is Stefan. I love filmmaking gadgets because I have been working as a cinematographer for more than ten years. So I have good experience working with almost all filmmaking gadgets. I can help people who are looking forward to buying these gadgets with my review articles. From my articles, you can find amazing products in the market.

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