Best Action Camera Under 100 (Recommended Budget Cameras)

A best action camera under 100 allows you to film under the water and your sports performance. It is smaller and lighter in weight than usual camcorders. They are easy to use and can be set where you want.

best action camera under 100

You can use an action camera to record your practice or simply to record videos of your vacation. Even if you’re under a budget, there are several action cameras available in the market. To make the choice easier for you, I have compiled a list of ten of the best action cameras under 100 available in the market.



CROSSTOUR ACTION - best action camera under 100

The Crosstour Action camera is an Ultra HD 4K camera featuring abundant video resolution options. It comes with 4K video and 20 MP resolution to ensure vivid images.

You can control your camera with the help of a wireless remote control – just press the red button for photos and grey buttons for capturing videos. This feature is handy while recording selfies.

This best action camera under 100 is equipped with the waterproof IP68 material case to dive up to 131 feet with the camera. Here the users can also get protection for their camera, as the case offers protection whenever there is recording various conditions like in the snow, rain, or underwater (diving, skiing, surfing).

It comes with in-built Wi-Fi technology. The users can control the camera using the DV KING 4K app, which allows you to set resolution, record videos, and even delete files. You can also share your work on various platforms.


  • 4K 20MP action camera with Ultra HD 4k camera that features rich video resolution.
  • The wireless remote control that can control the camera via wireless remote control.
  • 40m underwater camera with waterproof IP68 material case.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi sports camera and full control with the DV king 4K app.
  • Multifunctional mounting accessories included with two 1050maH batteries and remote.
  • Max resolution of 4K/30fps. 
  • Lens distortion correction.
  • Lens angle: 170°.
  • Item dimensions are 2.36 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches.
  • Item weight is 1.32 lbs.


  • Durable.
  • Comes with accessories and extra batteries.


  • Poor video quality.


best action camera under 100

Next up in the list comes the AKASO V50X that allows you to capture 4K videos at 30 fps, 2.7K videos at 30 fps, and 2K videos at 60 fps. You can also shoot unique time-lapse videos to create short, shareable moments of a long event.

This best action camera under 100 comes with smooth video stabilization, i.e., it can predict your movements and corrects for camera shake to deliver extra-smooth footage. It also has a 2-inch touchscreen with IPS display and offers simple capture modes to get amazing shots quickly.

The camera has a durable design and is waterproof up to 131 feet (40m) underwater with a housing. You can also turn on the diving mode to filter the red light underwater.

The camera also comes with an in-built Wi-Fi connection. The users only need to download the AKASO GO app on any compatible phone or tablet. With this app, you can operate, edit or review images and videos captured in real-time. You can also share your pictures and videos directly on various platforms.

A 2.4 GHz wireless wrist remote control lets you operate the camera smoothly while skiing, cycling, surfing, etc.


  • Features 4k/30fps, 2.7k 30fps, and 2k 60fps video resolution.
  • It comes with an intuitive touch screen with a touch screen.
  • Simple and streamlined capture modes.
  • The electronic image stabilization of the action camera records a smooth and steady video. 
  • It has long battery life, and it also comes with two rechargeable 1350mAH batteries.
  • It supports video recording up to 3 hours.
  • The 17 accessories kit fits most action cameras.
  • Features adjustable view angle that enables the users to set the view angle of the camera.
  • The angles that can be used to view are 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°.
  • The distortion calibration is useful to correct the image distortion.
  • Item weight is 1.25 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are 2.36 x 1.57 x 1.18 inches.


  • Inexpensive for the quality.
  • Lots of adapters/connectors.
  • Decent audio quality.
  • Excellent image stabilization.
  • Easy to understand the operation.


  • The audio is not very impressive.


COOAU 4K - best action camera under 100

The COOAU 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera allows you to capture stunning 4K/2.7K/1080p video and 20MP photos. It comes with a smart anti-shake program – the EIS stabilization system – to ensure stable and smooth video playback. The camera is waterproof up to 40m.

The camera comes with an external microphone, which allows you to record audio clearly, even in a noisy environment. It’s 170-degree wide-angle will enable you to capture horizontal subjects easily.

Its 2.4G wrist remote control allows you to control the camera from 10 meters away – just press the red button for capturing photos and the grey button for recording videos.

This best action camera under 100 comes with an in-built Wi-Fi connection. The users need to download the LIVE DV app on any compatible smartphone or tablet.

With this app, you can take pictures, record videos, download files, and change settings. The photos and videos can be shared easily on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others.


  • Seven layers of optical glass lens which bring ultra HD 4K videos and 20MP photos.
  • Features rich video resolution of 4K at 30FPS.
  • EIS Stabilization with 40M waterproof and smart anti-shake program.
  • Built-in and External Microphones.
  • 170° wide-angle that enables the camera to record.
  • Remote control with Wi-Fi.
  • Item weight is 15.9 ounces.
  • Product dimensions are 2.28 x 0.98 x 1.57 inches.


  • Battery life is long.
  • Download and upload of any media are enabled through cell phones.
  • Pictures and videos are of excellent quality.


  • The remote is splash-proof but not waterproof.


DRAGON TOUCH - best action camera under 100

If you are looking for more camera features and shooting options, then Dragon Touch 4K action camera will so the trick. It will allows you to capture professional 4K/30 fps videos and vivid 16 MP resolution photos. This sports camera also supports 4x zoom to adjust the distance of the subject.

The camera lens can be adjusted to various angles - 70°,110°,140°, 170° - according to your requirement for providing an expansive or narrow field of view. Its 2-inch touchscreen IPS display makes it easy to operate the camera.

The 2.4 GHz wireless remote control makes it easy to control the camera from a distance. The camera is waterproof up to 100 ft underwater. You can turn on the diving mode to filter red light underwater. It also comes with functions like driving mode, loop recording, and image rotation functions.

This best action camera under 100 comes with an in-built Wi-Fi connection. You simply have to download the XDV app on a compatible smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to share your pictures and videos directly on several social media platforms.


  • Intuitive touch screen with a 2-inch touch screen and IPS display.
  • 4K action camera with 4x zoom.
  • It features a professional 16mp photo with 4k/30fps videos.
  • Comes with an adjustable angle lens.
  • Wide angles between 70°,110°,140°, 170° are available.
  • It is waterproof up to 100ft.
  • Remote control with Wi-Fi and HDMI.
  • Item weight is 15.7 ounces.
  • Product dimensions are 4.53 x 2.95 x 9.06 inches.


  • Clear picture quality.
  • Closeup shots are impressive.
  • Comes with decent still image performance.


  • Battery life isn’t adequate.


VANTOP 4K - best action camera under 100

If you are looking for an affordable action camera that does not compromise on its quality, then this one is for you. The VanTop 4K action camera can produce high-quality photos of up to 20-megapixel and record HD videos of up to 4K resolution.

Its advanced chipset prolongs the recording time while keeping the camera from overheating itself. The 2.4-inch IPS screen provides an instant view of what you are shooting and recording. Comes with a user-friendly interface that makes the camera as well as its app, easier to operate, and offers functions like replay, saves, deletes and review.

It’s EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology ensures a stabilized footage of up to 4K/24 fps. The camera is water-resistant up to a depth of 100 feet with a waterproof case. Wireless wrist control makes it easier to operate during extreme sports activities.

This best action camera under 100 is responsive to the CamKing app within a range of 10m. You just have to download the app on a compatible smartphone or tablet. You can shoot videos, capture photos, and share your work on social media while controlling the camera remotely.


  • Affordable price for with 4K recording.
  • It features 2K/30fps, 4K/24fps, and 1080P/60FPS video resolution.
  • Images are glorified with 4K detail and captivating color.
  • It has an intuitive touch screen followed by a cool touch display function.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization prevents blurry shots or videos.
  • Item weight is 2.7 ounces.
  • Product dimensions are 2.55 x 1.65 x 0.95 inches.


  • Image depth and video quality are satisfying.
  • Waterproof.
  • Options for remotely triggering the camera with application usage are handy.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The user manual isn’t very informative.


Victure AC700

The Victure AC700 delivers professional and vivid 4K video and 20MP ultra-high-resolution photos. Its 170° wide-angle enables the camera to capture horizontal subjects easily.

The EIS function delivers smooth videos and pictures, ensuring an excellent experience for fast-moving objects. You can set various shooting modes such as time-lapse, loop recording, etc.

It comes with a waterproof case that can make the camera waterproof up to 40m and protects the camera from dust and scratches. It is equipped with 2.4G remote control to allow you to shoot conveniently when mounted on the wrist, selfie stick, handlebar, and helmet.

This best action camera under 100 is equipped with an external microphone to improve audio quality. The package also contains a bunch of accessories to connect the camera with bicycles, cars, motorcycles, etc.


  • 4K 20MP Action Camera with 4k/30fps smooth photographs and video resolution at 20MP.
  • The external microphone of 2.5mm is instrumental in a variety of situations.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization can counteract any shake, bump, or camera tilt during use.
  • The wireless remote makes it more convenient for various outdoor uses.
  • Item dimensions are 2.36 x 0.98 x 1.57 inches.
  • Item weight is 1.23 lbs.


  • 4K video quality is top-notch for nature shots.
  • Excellent photo quality.
  • It has adjustable contour, exposure, brightness, and FPS.
  • The camera rotation comes with different mounting options.


  • Image stabilization is not very impressive.



Light-weight and easy to use are the two best features of this action camera. The APEMAN TRAWO A100 captures stunning native 4K 30fps videos and 20 MP photos. It also comes with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), which delivers smooth videos and pictures, ensuring an excellent experience for fast-moving objects.

The 2-inch IPS Retina display allows you to observe your photos and videos. The 4K HDMI output works with 4K TV and delivers videos with great dynamic UHD details, more accurate and natural images, and more unusual colors.

With ISO, EV, and AWB effects, you can set the overall tone of video or image productions, adjusting pro parameters to optimize your shots.

This best action camera under 100 also comes with various functions like scene mode, time-lapse mode, burst mode, loop recording, slow motion, etc. The camera has a durable waterproof case that makes it waterproof up to a depth of 40m. 


  • Shoots stunning native 4k 30fps video easily.
  • Comes with 20MP super photo technology.
  • Fascinating 2-inch IPS Retina display screen.
  • 4K HDMI output that works with 4K TV perfectly.
  • Comes with ISO, AWB, and EV effects.
  • Various mode settings like time-lapse, scene mode, or for making creative footages.
  • Waterproof depth is up to 131 Feet.
  • Exposure Value ranges from -2.0 to +2.0.
  • Product dimensions are 2.56 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches.
  • Item weight is 1.1 pounds.


  • It has a terrific image quality with a wide-angle and stabilization.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wi-Fi enables the delete and transfer of files easily.


  • In lower resolutions, the wide-angle isn’t great.


Campark V30 Native 4K

The Campark V30 enables you to record high-resolution videos at 4K(3840x2160) / 30fps and capture 20MP photos. It produces gorgeous images and videos with superb contrast and clarity down to the finest detail.

Its built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with a 6-axis gyroscope that delivers smooth and steady videos, even if it is a sports camera is hand-held or mounted to your gear.

The 2-inch IPS touch screen makes it much easier to change settings, preview, and shoot. It also displays pictures with high fidelity color from all viewing angles. The camera has a durable waterproof case that makes it waterproof up to a depth of 30m.

The 170° wide-angle lens enables you to create photos with a more substantial depth and broader view. You can also adjust the lens angle (70°, 110°, 140°, and 170°) to apply to different shooting scenes.

This best action camera under 100 comes with an in-built Wi-Fi connection. The users need to download the Road Cam app on a compatible smartphone or tablet. It allows you to control the camera from a distance, download, play, and share the videos.


  • Features native 4k resolution at 30fps recording speed.
  • Built-in advanced electronic image stabilization for super anti-shake function.
  • It has an intuitive touch screen with Wi-Fi.
  • 2.0-inch highly sensitive IPS touch screen.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables the sharing of beautiful moments on social media.
  • It is waterproof up to 100ft depth with an optional view angle.
  • The lens angle is adjustable among 70°, 110°, 140°, and 170°.
  • It has long battery life and rechargeable 1350mAH batteries.
  • Item weight is 15.9 ounces.
  • Package dimensions are 9.9 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches.


  • Image Stabilization is a great asset.
  • Easy to change batteries.
  • The touchscreen is helpful.
  • Tripod Screw mount is directly built into the camera. 


  • Merely decent sharpness


BOIFUN 4K - best action camera under 100

The BOIFUN 4K webcam captures stunning 4K/2.7K/1080p videos, and up to 20MP photos. Its built-in 6-Axis anti-shake digital algorithm corrects vibrations in real-time. It prevents image blur and ensures higher recording quality while shooting a fast-moving object.

It comes with a 2.5mm external lapel microphone. It allows you to record sound for outdoor sports. This best action camera under 100 comes with a rugged and waterproof case that makes it possible to use the camera underwater. A 2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control lets you smoothly operate the camera while skiing, cycling, surfing, etc.

The camera utilizes ISO technology to adjust the light sensitivity giving you more professional photography options. Its Wi-Fi function enables you to operate or preview the images in real-time. Media can be downloaded from the camera to your phone without using wireless data, anytime and anywhere.


  • Ultra HD 4k at 30 fps and 20 MP camera deliver crystal clear video.
  • The Wi-Fi provides a seamless connection between a smartphone and a boifun camera.
  • It is convenient for live streaming, video calling, video lessons, and online exams.
  • External microphone with wireless remote control.
  • EIS stabilization with anti-shake.
  • Waterproof up to 40 meters underwater.
  • Item weight is 1.1 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are 9.25 x 3.35 x 4.72 inches.


  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent quality photos and video.
  • The menus are easy to navigate.
  • Slow-motion and time-lapse modes are excellent.


  • It doesn’t have its flash.


Xiaomi YDXJ01FM - best action camera under 100

Last but not least comes the Xiaomi YDXJ01FM action camera which allows you to capture 3840 x 2160 high-resolution photos or shoot 4K 30fps videos. It has a wide-angle lens with up to 145 degrees vision at f/2.8 aperture to create pictures with a broader and stronger view.

You can easily switch between 9 shooting modes to capture different scenes. The camera combines Bosch BMI160 IMU with a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer to achieve smooth and stable pictures.

The 2.4-inch touchscreen allows you to view your photos and videos. This action camera under 100 comes with a 7-element lens, including a low dispersion lens, and an additional UV coating IR filter ensures better transmittance.

You connect your camera to the Mi Action Camera App and control it remotely using a compatible smartphone and tablet.


  • The camera records 4k at 30fps, and 1080p at 100fps, and 720p at 200fps.
  • Sony and Ambarella chip A12S75.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization and captures super-smooth footage.
  • Non-stop shooting with high capacity 1450mAh rechargeable li-ion battery.
  • Can record up to 120mins of 4K at 30fps video on a single charge.
  • Intuitive touchscreen with built-in 4-inch-high responsive LCD touchscreen.
  • High-speed 5GHz/2. 4GHz Wi-Fi support with Built-in 4. 1 Bluetooth.
  • Extension-Tube Lens.
  • Product Dimensions are 2.81 x 1.68 x 1.16 inches.
  • Item Weight is 3.52 ounces.


  • Small with the heaviness that depicts quality.
  • Comes with a real tripod bushing which is robust.
  • 4K picture quality is awesome.
  • The touchscreen functions well.


  • There is no waterproof housing.


These are ten of the best action camera under 100 currently available in the market. Along with the products, I have also listed their features and specifications to help you make an informed choice.

I hope you have found what you were looking for. Thanks for scrolling through 🙂


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