Best 4×6 Photo Printer [Expert’s Review]

Remember those good old times when you wanted to click a picture the only way was an old film camera and you would have the memory in a handheld photograph? Over the years we have forgotten a lot of things and the feel of having a handheld picture is one of them. 

This is probably because now we only click pictures on our smartphones. But will these pictures stay forever? They might stay in your phone's storage for a while, then what? Your storage becomes full and you eventually end up deleting most of them! 

best 4x6 photo printer

Instead of doing this, you can grab the best 4x6 photo printer and print your favorite pictures and cherish them for a long time. So, do you care to know the best deals you could land your hands on? Keep reading to know exactly what is the best 4x6 photo printer you should be buy.



1. CANON SELPHY CP1300 - best portable 4x6 photo printer


  • The Canon SELPHY CP1300 has an optional battery pack.
  • Uses Dye-Sublimation Print Technology to print photos.
  • The diverse connectivity allows you to connect to multiple devices easier than ever.
  • Print photos of different sizes ranging from 4X6 to 2.1X2.1.
  • You can tilt-up LCD screen to make things look good.
  • Excellent image quality where photos can live up to 100 years.

Are you in search of a portable printer that can be just carried in your handbag or any bag pack? Then we have got you covered.

Yes, I am starting the list with Canon SELPHY CP1300, an amazingly stylish, compact, and an excellent 4X6 picture printer. We will tell you why this printer holds a place on this list.

First, the SELPHY CP1300 is a wireless printer and hence can be carried around anywhere you want without the hassle of connecting it to a plug point. Also, the sleek and portable design makes it compact and compatible with any surroundings.

With multiple access using memory card slots, social media, or using the app, the SELPHY CP1300 is easy and fun to use. It has an optional battery pack, too, that lets you carry it around without the fear of running out of battery.

Do you know what most people complain about a photo printer? The ink takes a lot of time to dry, and if you touch it before it does! That's it! one photograph is ruined forever! But with the Canon Selphy CP1300, the ink dries instantly and still gives you the best quality print possible.

Also, why limit yourself to just a 4X6 printed photograph when you can go on printing in various sizes with the Canon 4x6 photo printer.

The Canon Print App3 allows you to connect your smartphone and tablet to the printer easily. Not only this, you can even print pictures or documents directly from the USB or your camera's memory card.

With the party shuffle feature, you can share multiple pictures from different smartphones to this printer and get a perfect collage print as output. Sounds amazing, right?

Except with the issue most customers face about customer care, this is just perfect and great! Get a Canon SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer to preserve and enjoy each of the memories on your smartphone for 100 more years. Grab this portable photo printer 4x6 now!


  • Lightweight, portable design.
  • Compact photo printer 4x6
  • Enables printing photos in a variety of sizes.
  • Enables to connect and make a collage in party mode.
  • Durable output.


  • Highly-priced cartridge.


EPSON FASTFOTO FF-680W-best 4x6 photo printer


  • Easy Auto Upload and Backup
  • Super-fast, professional photo scanner
  • Perfect picture imaging system
  • It comes with Second-Generation Epson FastFoto Software 
  • Based on letter-sized scans at 300 DPI in black-and-white, grayscale or color mode, using the USB interface

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W is a wireless high-speed photo scanner designed to scan a photo at 380 picoseconds using wi-fi. It also has a powerful photo printing feature that enables you to print photos of different sizes on a single, smart touch from anywhere near the device.

The size of the photos can range up to 10 inches. This printer has Epson ScanSmart software that combines with OCR features to convert scanned images into texts which is incredible.

How cool would the printer be if it does all these and still gets named the world's fastest scanner? Yes! This is it! The Epson FastFoto FF-680W is the world's fastest wireless high-speed photo and document scanner that scans photos without damaging them.

Its single-step technology automatically captures the picture and if any notes are written on the back of it. This printer is not reserved for one format. Rather it is flexible enough to support any format. You can scan photos in multiple sizes like 300 dpi, 600 dpi TIFF, and even enlarge it to 1200 dpi (4).

Talking about the connectivity, it has excellent connectivity that lets you connect with Bluetooth, USB, and wi-fi that can be switched easily between them. This 4x6 photo printer has an easy auto upload and share button that lets you save your auto-enhanced picture memory to any cloud you want to.

Another exciting software that this Epson photo printer 4x6 is that it comes with is Epson FastFoto software which helps in restoring the image quality automatically. So if you have any old photos, you can easily retrieve them.

As if these number of features are not enough, this printer also offers Epson FastFoto mobile app. You can now give life to your pictures by adding a voice note and text and making a slide show using this mobile app.

With its SafeTouch technology, you can now scan any delicate photos without the worry of damaging them. Also, if needed, you can use the microfiber that comes along with this pack to dust the photos. So this printer that prints 4x6 photos is worth the money!


  • The photos and documents are scanned superfast.
  • The switching between connectivity is so smooth.
  • The color enhancement is great.
  • Fastest 4x6 photo printer


  • The quality of the documents is not professional.


HP ENVY 7855-best 4x6 photo printer


  • The touchscreen enables you to work on the photos without the need for editing on an external software.
  • Enables Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection with all other connectivity options.
  • Allows to print from SD card without the need of a system.
  • Made from recycled plastic and hence environmentally the best one.
  • Enables voice control using Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant.

You might have owned an HP laptop, but did you know that HP also specializes in producing the industry's best printers. Yes, that too, this HP Envy photo 7855 is made from recycled printers and other electronics. If you are a person who loves and respects the environment, then this is the one for you! 

We call the HP ENVY 7865 the best 4x6 photo printer as it is an all-in-one printer named the best of theirs by HP itself. This one enables you to do a lot more than just printing.

You can scan documents, copy, scan, fax, or print them, and it is also a photo printer that allows you to print photos of 4X6 standard size. It will enable multiple connectivity options and also helps to print using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It facilitates both borderless printing and 2-sided printing. Not only this, it comes with an auto document feeder where you can print up to 35-sheets continuously.

Now all you need to do is to click print on any device on your palm. Use the touch screen on the printer to print directly from your USB device without the need for any other device. However, the touch screen seems a bit small for large hands; carefully handle it.

Do you know what makes it even better? You don't even need editing software to edit the files and alignment before printing them. This HP 4x6 photo printer even works with Amazon Alexa, the voice assistant for Amazon. However, the updates seem to be never-ending, and each update itself takes a lot of your printing time and can even leave you frustrated.

Also, customer service is not as friendly, and this is a drawback reported by many. Overall, if you are ready to overlook these minor issues with the HP ENVY 7855 all-in-one printer, then you have the best buy possible at an affordable rate.


  • Professional 4x6 photo printer
  • Professional 4x6 photo printer
  • Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Easy printing using touchscreen.


  • Updates are a bit lengthy.


best 4x6 photo printer


  • This stylish printer comes with a loaded cartridge that can print around 120prints.
  • You can best print quality through 4PASS printing
  • The connectivity is diverse, allows to connect and charge Android and iOS devices during the wait.
  • Print pictures from your camera using PictBridge or any other smartphone using Wi-Fi.
  • Provides perfect 4X6 photos that are waterproof and perfect for your album.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is another added plus.

Coming up next is a budget pick.  Kodak Dock is an amazing portable and compact 4X6 photo printer that will not break your bank. You can print all the pictures you want with just one touch. 

This smart 4x6 photo printing device not only connects and works using Wi-fi but also allows you to print the best quality photographs without having to transfer all your photos to a media drive or memory card. 

Instead, all you have to do is connect your Android or iOS device using the 5-pin dock that comes along with the printer (which, by the way, it's also a charger), and using the one-touch feature; you could print almost anything you want.

Although there are no card slots available on the device, you could still print directly from your camera. As I said, everything is one-touch here.

Also, this small photo printer 4x6 provide you with a complimentary loaded cartridge that stays alive for your first 120 prints. (which some customers disagree with!) However, customers report problems with the app and the PictBridge, which sometimes seems to work undesirably.

Once this bug is removed, we can call the Kodak Dock, the best instant photo printer from Kodak, that is also a multipurpose charger box that enables you to charge 5 devices as you enable yourself to print from them. 

However, use it with the original cartridge from Kodak, and this will keep your prints as good as expected! You can download the Kodak photo printer application to take pictures in different ways with the help of AR functions. You also get various editing capabilities where you can edit, collage, add different frames and beauty effects. 

Those are all the good reasons we could think of to buy the new portable 4x6 photo printer Kodak Dock, I guess!


  • 4x6 portable photo printer
  • Color quality and detailing is excellent.
  • Diverse connectivity
  • The charging feature is innovative.


  • At times, the app does not work properly.


CANON IP8720-best 4x6 photo printer


  • Six individual ink tank system
  • Full HD movie print
  • DPS over IP compatible device required.
  • Comes with a 6-tank ink system the speed of the print is completely uncompromised.
  • The Chromalife100+ helps produce photos that can last up to 300 years.
  • Hi-Speed USB for a super-fast connection for your data transfers.
  • The user interface is made quite easy with apps for printing and arranging the pics.

With the Canon Pixma IP9720 wireless printer, you will be able to enjoy printing from anywhere in your house without even having to walk in and turn on your printer! Yes! They have an automatic switch-on feature that switches on whenever the document is sent to print.

Also, the printer has decided to take you a bit old school with their exciting print using the CD/DVD option. All those memories you have stored anywhere you know can be printed out in the best quality possible with the help of the 6 individual ink tank system. Print from any device you want with the Canon IP8720.

The Canon 4x6 printer also allows you to print the best quality photos ranging from 4X6 to 13X19 in the best quality with its 6 individual ink tank system. It enables printing via USB, wi-fi, from a camera using PictBridge, using a CD/DVD, and even from the cloud without even having to be near it using the auto switch on the feature. So grab this wireless photo printer 4x6 now!


  • Multiple and diverse connectivity.
  • Apps make the user interface so easy and pleasant.


  • Minor wireless connectivity problems.


EPSON XP-640-best 4x6 photo printer


  • The Epson XP-64 provides the best quality print with its 5 color ink cartridges in the fastest possible time.
  • Create all kinds of photographs from 4X6 to 8X10 and print them easily.
  • Enjoy diverse connectivity that lets you print from any devices with or without internet.
  • Use the dash replenishment feature to keep track of the ink.
  • Enjoy printing using Alexa voice control and the CD/DVD tray as specialty media.

The sleek and creative Epson 640 is a completely wireless color photo printer that can print 4X6 photographs in less than 20 seconds. Why stop with just that? Print as many photos as you want between 4X6 to 8X10 which is even faster with the auto double-sided printing feature.

Connect with any device in your home, Tablets, Android phones, or iPhones, to enable printing with the Epson XP-640 with or without internet. So you can also call this one as 4x6 photo printer for iPhone. 

Using the card slots and USB slots along with the LCD on the printer you can print as many photographs as you want without the use of a device. If you are a photographer or someone who loves to print everything you capture using your camera, then you can take advantage of this photo printer. That said, we can also call it the best printer for photographers.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this best 4x6 photo printer to print scan and make copies of almost anything you want in the best quality!


  • Great quality in printing.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Fastest 4x6 photo printer
  • ISO print speeds.


  • Only compatible with Epson ink cartridges.


HP SPROCKET - best 4x6 photo printer


  • The HP Sprocket studio lets you convert all the photos into 4X6 handheld photographs faster than ever using Bluetooth and the HP sprocket app.
  • Using the app edit your pictures into any template you want before you print them out as pictures that can live up to 100 years.
  • Go cordless and portable using the additional battery option that the HP sprocket provides you.
  • View, edit, and organize printing queues with the sprocket app.

With the HP Sprocket studio, an instant photo printer converts all your digital photos from your devices and cloud storage into a handheld picture in no time.

All you have to ever do is switch it on and pair it with Bluetooth and your sprocket studio app to get the best out of your instant printer. Edit the photos, make cards, IDs, and do even more exciting things with your photo printer.

Also, with the optional rechargeable battery, you can carry it around the town as you print stuff. With the photo labs being a memory already why don't you go ahead and purchase this best 4x6 photo printer to enjoy a variety of Features you have never known before!


  • The quality of the print is amazing.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • Does not support wi-fi printing.


KODAK DOCK-best 4x6 photo printer


  • The kodak Dock is a portable and stylish printer that comes with a loaded cartridge that can print around 120prints.
  • The connectivity is diverse, allows to connect and charge android and iOS devices during the wait.
  • Allows to instantly print pictures from your camera using PictBridge or any other smartphone using wi-fi.
  • Provides perfect 4X6 photos that are waterproof and perfect for your album.

The kodak Dock is an amazing portable and compact 4X6 photo printer that allows you to print all the pictures you want with just one touch. The smart device not only connects and works using wi-fi but also allows you to print the best quality photographs without having to transfer all your photos to a media drive or memory card.

Instead, all you have to do is connect your android or iOS device using the 5-pin dock that comes along with the printer (which by the way it's also a charger), and using the one-touch feature you could print almost anything you want. Although there are no card slots available on the device you could still print directly from your camera like I said everything is one-touch here.


  • Portable design makes it easier to carry around.
  • All-in-one cartridge makes it easier to change them.


  • The photo quality is a bit compromised.


Below we have listed the different factors to check before to invest in the best 4x6 photo printer. 

Photo sizes

If you are looking for a printer that can print 4x6, then look for the same in the printer you buy. As you already know, 4x6 is small, and many printers come in sizes like  3.5 x 4.7, 2.1×3.4, 2.1×2.1. So it is crucial to check the size correctly. 


It is crucial to check the various connectivity options you get from this 4x6 printer. If it is a wireless printer, check the USB port, Wi fi direct, or Wi fi options. You can also find some models that can support a memory card where you can simply store your pictures and directly print them. 

Type of printer

There are two types of printers which you can consider here, Inkjet printers and heat printers. Inkjet printer is an affordable option where heat printers are a bit pricey but offers high-quality photos. 

Battery operated

If you want to carry your portable printer to a camp or a picnic and instantly print the pictures you capture there, then check if the 4x6 printer works on batteries. Also, calculate how many prints you will get when the printer is fully charged. 

Color or Black & White

Your monochrome photos can get ruined if you don't choose the right printer. There are many tints of different gray shades, and many printers can't give a good black and white output. So for this reason, whether you want a color printer or a black & white one, choose the right one.


1. What is the difference between the dedicated and near-dedicated photo printer?

A dedicated printer can print only photos and lacks the feature to accept paper sizes. In contrast, the near-dedicated photo printers can print other documents besides pictures, and they can be larger compared to the photo printers. 

2. Can a 4x6 printer support other paper sizes?

The answer is yes. The 4x6 printers can easily print other small sizes like 5x7 and 2x3. But if you are looking for large sizes, it is crucial to choose a printer that can support the extended size.

3. Does the printing speed matter for 4x6 printers?

The quality of the photo is more important than the speed. So instead of getting the fastest 4x6 photo printer, it is crucial to check the quality. However, these days 4x6 printers offer a reasonable speed of at least 2 minutes per print.


Now that's our list of the best 4x6 photo printer that are available in today's market. Here I have made this list taking into consideration all the above factors, including affordability of the user. You might find other instant photo printers that produce the best quality prints or are cheaper than these, but only a few of them might possess all the qualities.

Anyway, the choice is yours! Who knows your needs better than yourself? Just choose the best 4x6 photo printers that suits you and get it to enjoy instant photo printing! Because digital memories are not real memories!


Hey, this is Stefan. I love filmmaking gadgets because I have been working as a cinematographer for more than ten years. So I have good experience working with almost all filmmaking gadgets. I can help people who are looking forward to buying these gadgets with my review articles. From my articles, you can find amazing products in the market.

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