How To Add Camera Roll Photos To Instagram Story


People of all ages, including children, youth, and old are being active on social media. There you can find more friends, both new and old, where you can interact with them freely. Instagram has become an important social media platform that helps users share their pictures, videos, thoughts, or even help people in selling their products.

how to add camera roll photos to instagram story

Instagram stories are the feature of this app utilized by most users; you can upload the pictures and videos according to your interest. 

If that is something you need to share with the people you know the most, you have options to set the stories visible to only your close friends. You can share multiple pictures in the Instagram story if needed, there are lots of filters and stickers to modify the pictures to the levels you expect.

Each update of the Instagram app comes with the better features, this is perfect for the user who loves to share many things on social media platforms. Know more about adding camera roll photos to your Instagram stories to use this feature perfectly.

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Previously while adding the photos to the Instagram there was a feature that only the pictures took within 24 hours were able to upload.

But this issue is not there now as you can include any video or photo to your Instagram without worrying about the time it was taken. Here are the simple steps that will help you to add camera roll photos to your Instagram story:

how to add camera roll photos to instagram story
  • Keep your app updated always to enjoy all the features offered by Instagram. First, open the Instagram stories by swiping right from your feed, or you can tap on the camera icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • You get access to the photos or videos in your gallery by swiping up or you can see the header camera roll.
  • Through the option camera roll, you will reach the many choices of videos and photos saved on your phone even before years. 
  • When you choose the photo older than a day, there will appear a sticker containing the date of which the picture was taken. If you want to change the color of the sticker it is possible, also you can move them to the trash if you don't want the sticker.
  • After choosing the photos from the camera roll, you have several filter options if you think of beautifying the picture more or even to make them interactive to know the viewers' opinion. 
  • If you have added the photos from the camera roll with the enhanced features, tap the next button to make them visible for the viewers.

HOW to Add multiple photos to your Instagram story

If you are planning to use multiple photos on your Instagram story, it can be done easily without worrying.

  • Initially, you have to open the Instagram account through your app and use the camera icon or swipe left to reach the Instagram story.
  • You can pull up your screen to see the lots of photos available on your phone. Tap the select multiple icon, is present with overlapping squares symbol to choose the multiple photos. 
  • By choosing that icon you can select more photos and videos to be uploaded in the Instagram stories.
  • If you have completed the photos' selection, select next and modify those photos according to your requirement. The filters and stickers are the features added to every update of Instagram to enhance the user's experience in sharing images through Instagram stories. 
  • Tap the next button to add the photos to the Instagram story. You can also interact with the viewers through the stickers available by creating a question poll or direct messaging after messaging you to see your Instagram stories.
how to add camera roll photos to instagram story

Benefits of using Instagram stories with updated features

The updates of Instagram have always improvised the experience of users, more people have become attracted to this platform. Adding the camera roll pictures is an easy task, also there are filters available with every update to make improvements in the photos you upload.

how to add camera roll photos to instagram story

Many people spend time on the Instagram app to have fun, interact with friends, or see videos updated by others. But some people are sharing strong content through their Instagram stories, also encouraging interactions with the users mostly.

There is a large part of people who love to share their workspace with the viewers, but with the previous feature, the pictures can only be 24 hours old prevented them from posting most of them. In the busy schedules, they may only find time on weekends to plan good content and share the pictures of work, which will attract many viewers.

The updates on adding camera roll pictures on Instagram stories have helped many people upload worthy pictures and promote their business through the exposure obtained from this social media.


Everyone nowadays loves spending their time on social media, most of them are attracted to Instagram. You can upload your pictures, memories, videos, or anything thoughts through this social media platform. The Instagram app is subjected to several updations regularly, to make the user's experience better.

The earlier feature allowed users only to upload the pictures and videos in Instagram stories not older than a day, but this was not good as you won't get enough time while spending your vacation or outing to share the memories on social media. 

Now you know how to add camera roll photos to Instagram story even if it is old, you share everything in your story to let your friends see. You can also share the pictures of the products you need to sell, the videos of the work you do, or even trying to motivate others through videos, everything is possible in your Instagram story.

Enjoy using the Instagram stories to the fullest, getting all the updates, and share your moments with your friends through the platform.


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