About Us

Hi, I'm Nicholas Gilli, I'm a blogger who is very much interested in blogging about film-making gadgets. It all started when I fell in love with cinematography and started learning it on my own.

From my childhood, I had a soft corner for cinematography and I got the chance to pursue it. I have experience as a cinematographer in the film industry for more than 15 years. 

Cinematography mainly comprises all the on-screen visual elements. They include framing, camera angles, lighting, camera motion, composition, film selection, zoom, focus, lens choices, color, filtration, and exposure.

Initially, my journey started with camera assisting. This is the place where I learned a lot of things about film making, its techniques and the numerous gadgets used in it. 

You need a lot of creativity then only you will be able to sustain in this field. It was quite challenging at first but you will never find your passion tedious at all.

After getting a good experience from my work I wanted to share my ideas and experience with others and that is why I started Filmosphere.com blog about film-making gadgets. 

I do a lot of research about these gadgets and update myself with the new products and their technology which arrive now and then in the market.

If you are a beginner and wondering where to start and if you have the urge to become an excellent filmmaker then you need to know how to handle each and every gadget used in all aspects of cinematography.

I have updated many guides on my website on how to use the camera and other digital gadgets to take photos, videos and use them in film-making.

You can benefit a lot from the unique practical tips which I have given here about the film industry and cinematography. You will be able to find information about each and every film making gadget, its best features, price and you will also learn how to use it.

I have given so many tips at Filmosphere which will help you to work fast even under pressurized situations with these gadgets.

I wish to share all my thoughts and ideas about film making and the gadgets used in it. I hope that my blogs provide you with knowledgeable content and I also encourage you to learn all the techniques and become a smart cinematographer.

I also make it easy for you to buy any film-making gadgets without doing any kind of research by reviewing them and listing out the best products on my website. Filmosphere is filled with a wide range of film-making Accessories for every kind of film. We cover all indoor and outdoor film-making accessories from the top brands in this atmosphere

I feel connected with my audience through my blogs and their support is very important to me. I strive to give them the best and honest reviews about all the film-making gadgets.

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