Best Companies To Transfer 8mm Film To DVD


Youngsters might have heard about "8mmm reels", but I doubt whether you would be very familiar with them. Because in this digital age, we are used to storing and watching everything in a digital format only.

But that was not the case years back, say in the mid or late '90s, those days be it weddings, birthdays, or anything, every footage was stored only in these reels. So, do you have dozens of old 8mm films in your closet? Didn't you convert home movies to DVD till now?


Let me tell you, the best birthday gift you can give your grandparents is to revive their old memories stored in their precious reels.

If you say projector alone will do this job, let me tell you this every time pulling out the projector for screening those videotapes and reels is very frustrating.

Also, sometimes the projector cannot play the files smoothly while streaming because you may not have used those reels for a long time. So, the formats and their picture quality can deteriorate with time.

That is why I prefer to convert old movies to DVD or a digital version, so that you can stream it  any time and any where. The DVD or digital formats will go for years. Even if you do not play DVD or digital files for a long time, the quality of the video will remain the same.

With that said, you can find several tutorial videos and guides to transfer 8mm tapes to DVD yourself. But, remember a poorly done conversion process can cause several issues like distortions, halos, grains, bleeding, screen texture, and other problems. These issues can damage video quality of your old film reels; also, they can make the video files unreadable.

That is why I have come with my most trusted companies to make 8mm film transfer to DVD. These services will do your conversion job easier and also they are very reliable. 

The Best Company to Transfer 8mm film to DVD

Several companies provide film to DVD transfer services in several formats at an affordable cost. You need to choose the right services for transferring 8mm film to DVD. Let me help you find the best company that provides the best 8mm film to DVD transfers service in this list.


1. Just 8mm

best company to transfer 8mm film to DVD


  • 84 Needham St;
    Suite 130;
    Newton, MA 02461.


  • 866-331-4285.

You can trust ‘Just 8mm’ company to change your box of 8mm reel to DVD. The company started its journey in 1930, got 11 Gold Star Awards, and has also been accredited with an A+ grade by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). They convert both 8mm film and Super 8 film/movies to DVD or other storage drives in the format you want.

The modern digital version delivers flawless color, contrast, resolution, and video quality with no pixelation issues. They also organize all your 8 mm film reels in a separate chapter on the DVD menu with a label or custom title that you provide. The DVD transfer pricing depends on footage length and diameter that starts from $9.99 per reel.

The ordering process is quite simple and customer-friendly. It will take 7 to 14 business days to do your job. Their customer support system makes it easier to track your order and shipments. The company keeps the backups of all customers for a minimum of 6 months besides maintains its privacy policy in every possible way.

So, if you need any additional copies in the future, you can get them quickly from the company.

2. Film Transfer Company

best company to transfer 8mm film to DVD


  • Film Transfer Company
    1490 S Price Rd. Ste 115G
    Chandler, AZ 85286.


  • 800-575-6202.

The film transfer company is another professional film transfer company that started in 1930. The company has worked for several Hollywood movie firms, government firms like NASA and USGS, amateurs and families for years. The company provides high-quality scanning and restoration services for photos, videos, old films, and slides.

If you are looking for the best film to DVD conversion services for 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm film reels, choose Film Transfer Company without having any second thought. The company ensures quality results with up to 4K resolution for every digital format that you want. If you wish to get digitized videos with 4K resolution and original audio, the company may charge around $55 for 50 feet film reel. They take 11 to 13 days to convert 1500 ft film into a digital version.

3. VCE (Video Conversion Experts)

best company to transfer 8mm film to DVD


  • 1490 S Price Rd. Ste 115G
    Chandler, AZ 85286.


  • 1-800-575-6202.

VCE is one of the most reputed media transfer companies that have a team of professionals, 40+ years of experience, and industry-leading tools and technologies to deliver the best service. The company promises to deliver stunning digitized HD video with sharp picture quality by removing up to 95% grain from the old films.

Besides restoration services, it offers professional film transfer services for 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, 35mm film, and another old videotape format. DVD transfer, media digitization, and restoration services are available for old movies, videotapes, slides, and photos.

If you choose the Pro HD or Pro 2K transfer process for 8mm, Super 8, 16mm home movies reel, the company may charge you $29.50 or $39.50 for less than 1500 ft film length.

4. Walmart

best company to transfer 8mm film to DVD


  • 1490 S Price Rd. Ste 115G
    Chandler, AZ 85286.


  • 1-800-575-6202.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of old film projectors? Digitize your old home movies and photos with Walmart at an affordable price and enjoy with your family. Their film to DVD transfer service includes 8 mm, Super 8 mm, and 16 mm film reels with almost the same pricing range as that of the other companies stated above. ‘Walmart’ will charge you only for what you order for converting 8mm movies to DVDs.

You need to pay $15.96 for the first 50 feet of the films. After that, it charges an additional $0.20 for every foot. If you want original audio quality (I mean without any digitization in the original sound), you have to pay $11.96 extra. You’ll receive your DVD within 3 - 4 weeks from the time you place your order. You will be able to download and access your digital memories online with MemoryCloud for the next 60 days. 

The company also makes DVD and digital copies from photos, videos, film, camera negatives and even provides a digital media transfer service. If you wish to spend a little more on getting your conversion done, then I would say Walmart could be the best 8mm film to digital conversion service you can trust.


You can watch the digital version of old movie videos or family event memories on your computer, smart TV, and mobile and keep a backup of the files in the cloud or other online storage. When we watch any old videos, we think that it would be more fun to set our recent favorite songs as the background music.

The best part while copying a 8mm film to dvd (digital version) is, you can easily edit the digital video content after the transfer is done. You can add narrations, captions and even change the background music easily. You can crop or trim the video into smaller sections. Also, you will be able to include additional pictures or video clips from other videos with your home movies to make it more entertaining.

Not only that, you can share this digital video with others in any format they want. So, choose an excellent professional super 8 to digital conversion service provider immediately to protect and pass down your souvenirs to future generations. Great day!


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